April 19th, 2010


Weekend Glorious

I had a really lovely weekend. And that's saying a lot for me because it was pretty packed with commitments and normally for me going from one thing to the next with no personal time outs would really be quite stressful.

Friday I came home early from work because my back finally gave out and when I found myself lying under my desk to stretch and rest it, I realised I was finally done. I'd pushed myself all week to keep going in even though each morning I'd woken up in pain and considered calling in sick. But I really had a particular deadline to meet so I'd kept working. And then when it was done, on Friday arvo, I went home. maelkann had a half day or some such and ended up meeting me at home and lying down with me and the doggie till I went off for my conveniently already organised reflexology appointment. I'd never had reflexology before, and was a bit skeptical but my back really was a lot looser by the time I left. And with just a few more days of painkillers, seems to be on the mend. I'm also trying to not sit at the desk for so many hours without moving. Basically am getting back into drinking lots of water so that the loo trips force the getting out of the chair.

When I came back we got takeaway for dinner, ingredients for cosmopolitans and chocolate. And came home and watched Iron Man in preparation for the Swancon Screening of the sequel. I opted for drugs instead of cosmos and fell asleep as the film ended.

Saturday was crazy - I got my hair done in the morning, crossed the road and met up with two friends I used to work with for lunch (and found my parents having coffee there too!) and then got picked up from there to go off to see Cats. Didn't really get to spend enough time catching up with them so I hope we reschedule soon. Cats was ... hmm ... 3 hours is long, especially when you have a sore back. I have to say that the second half is really much stronger than the first. By the end of the first half I was focussing on the number of poems TS Elliot had written about cats and was trying to figure out what that said about him (that he REALLY liked cats?). I utterly adored David Bowie cat and loved loved loved the long song he performed for Mister Mistopheles - whom I also loved. His dancing, frankly, was worth the entry ticket price for me. You don't often get the chance to see that level of dancing live in Perth and his execution of the pirouettes and jetes took my breath away. AND there was the David Bowie cat singing to boot. So I did enjoy it in the end. But DAMNIT! I would love to see just one Australian company actually care about unison dancing. Just one. Don't even care what style dancing at this point.

After Cats I did family things with maelkann's fam - we'd gone to see Cats with his mum and sister. And after dinner we headed home to recover. maelkann finally got to watch his rugby game and I got to confirm that I have worked out how to use the Foxtel IQ. (I finally tagged to record a bunch of TV series when I was setting up to record the rugby so in theory Foxtel should now work for ME! And I should have Star Trek episodes in all flavours coming out of my ears!)

Sunday we did get a nice long lie in and mooch around. Which was lovely. I caught up on editing and maelkann read a bunch of volumes of Fables. Which started to make me antsy cause I am competitive like that. And then I headed off to our Swancon meeting. Where there was gorgeous sushi and gluten free muffins and progress! Hoorah! And lots lots lots more work to do ... that was expected.

And then I rushed off to meet maelkann for more family dinner and then we headed off to Gold Class to see Kick Ass. This was my very first trip to Gold Class and I was very excited! It turns out, it totally is worth the money, especially for a special occasion. I felt very glamorous and will struggle to return to the every day movie experience (overpriced) grind. We had a lovely time - sitting in the bar area and ordering wine and nibblies to come to us in the film and then the chairs are very comfy!! The waitstaff coming in and out all through the movie was a little distracting (as was the guy in the seats next to us who kept leaving to take phonecalls and looked like that couple had ordered like 5 courses of food!).

Also Kick Ass rocked!!! I had heard some comments on the film going in and have to admit I'm not really the comic book to film audience (though I LOVED Watchmen). But ... it was filmed with a gaze that quite clearly said "this is a comic book" and so it was hard to really see that it as offensive, to be honest. I mean ... I kinda expected the blood and gore and the language, well yeah, it was colourful. The only part that was slightly disconcerting was the 12 year old - there are a couple of places where her fighting adults was uncomfortable and also that she was so cool and nonplussed about the havoc that she wrecked. But again, comic book. Not really looking for 3D characters. And because I threw away that kind of expectation going in, I really just enjoyed it. Also thought a girl hero, wearing a pink tool belt and purple wig, and who was the total hero in the film was AWESOME! And that they played Joan Jett when she truly kicked arse ROCKED!!!

/my weekend report.