April 26th, 2010


Deliciously Domestic Days

I do love a good long weekend!

This weekend I think I cooked more meals in a row than I have in a very long time. maelkann came over after work on Friday and we watched a bunch of Foxtel IQ recorded trash and I made vietnamese rolls for dinner before dropping him at the rugby and coming home to watch more trash. After the game, I went and picked up a joyous maelkann, who was then happy to consume celebratory drinks and watch more trash TV that I had recorded - I think we watched about 4 different modelling reality TV shows and more than one episode of each.

Saturday morning we had shak shuka for breakfast with my parents and then did a bunch of shopping. I finally got myself a thingie to plug my ipod into my car radio so I shall be updating my podcasting to listen to queue. I looked into microphones for Galactic Suburbia but wasn't quite sure what I wanted. After we were shopped out, we did some more packing up of his stuff at his parents' before heading into the city for a friend's surprise birthday coffee thing. We did a quick food shop on the way home. And I made a new dish - gluten free pasta, tomato sauce, olives and haloumi cheese. Which was a winner! maelkann tolerated lots more Star Trek and other random recordings.

We were up early for the Anzac Day march. Formal dress takes a long time to get into, it turns out. There's all sorts of buttons and epaulets and medals and things. And who thought making a uniform all white was a good idea? Seriously. Don't let puppies near such things! I dropped maelkann off and then wandered down to watch the march myself. Goodness me! Next time I will take coffee, headphones, children and a jacket. It was cold and I was constantly being shuffled around by clear pros at saving space and then forced to listen to other people's stories. Seriously, I can recount the dude's hangover story myself having heard it enough times. My favourite bit though was the couple next to me who went off to get coffees which took an hour to sort, and then bitching "Dome shouldn't even be open today. They're just cashing in!" *cue sipping of their bought Dome cappuccinos* Standing for an hour in the cold listening to inanities was hard work! Then the march started and I can not believe it but I MISSED maelkann! I was all like, "wait? is that ALL the navy?" as the army starting marching passed. Damn it! Bad girlfriend! To be fair though, there was a late change in his position so he wasn't where I was expecting him to be. I stayed to watch a good deal of the march and had a few tears at a few of the passersby. It was very moving.

I went back home to mooch for a bit whilst maelkann did some family stuff. I started working on my quilting block for March and watching yet more IQ. I am thoroughly fascinated by Janice Dickinson - she's totally bizarre looking due to far too much cosmetic surgery and she's got no tact and no fear of saying whatever pops into her head. She constantly berates models for being too fat and was completely offensive to the plus size models. But on the other hand, she does know the business and she was so surprising in the way she was supportive and compassionate when models came to her for advice or when they morally objected to particular jobs.

I popped in to jonathanstrahan's for a bit during his book sale and picked up a few things and also caught up with vodkandlime and crankynick which was nice. Back home before I headed out to meet up with my cousin but screwed up the time so grabbed takeaway and brought that home in the time it took her to get to my place. We had a nice catch up and then maelkann and I watched This is It, most of the way through.

Today we slept in and then I cooked breakfast in my speccy frying pan that I pulled out for the first time - it did 4 eggs in one go with no sticking. I was very impressed. Tonight I made a vegetarian tikka masala. And in between, I watched a looooot of Star Trek and worked on sewing and just pottered around doing the odd job round the place. Divine!

Busy week ahead.