April 29th, 2010


I kinda like technology

I'm not really technological enough for my geek creds, I don't think. I can't set up my TV/DVD/Foxtel unit. I went an entire year with only half the mac software on my macbook. It took me more than several years to actually load up my music onto my ipod. It took me at least a month to even try to record shows on my Foxtel IQ. I haven't figured out how to have a wireless modem without ... wire. I had to get my web host to transfer my webpages over to the paid wordpress site etc.

I learn what I need to know when I need to know it. To get by.

Last night I needed to figure out how to make podcasts. The night before, aifin had talked me through installing iLife on my laptop via Skype (him being in Tasmania and all). He'd looked at my computer when I visited at Christmas and shaken his head and told me I didn't have everything on there. I figured that I'd figure it out when I needed to. And now was when I needed to. Last night I decided to open up my newly installed copy of Garage Band and play with it. I figured I had a week to figure this out before Episode 1 of TwelfthPlanetCast needs to go up. crankynick and editormum had both sent me audio so it was all up to me now. Garage Band has a tutorial you can take on how to make podcasts. Eh, I figured I'd try that. And before I knew it, I had the beginning of a podcast, sort of.

Whilst easy to use, there was a lot of cursing and a lot of really not being able to find things and some things not being remotely intuitive. And I was ready to throw the towel in after having recorded my intro and outro but not being able to mix it properly with sound and not being able to pull in the audio from another person. And just as I was closing up the software, it all fell into place and after about 2 hours of fiddling around, in the next 5 minutes, I had my 15 minute podcast done. And really? A two hour learning curve from nothing to a listenable podcast? That's really not that bad at all.

The lovely maelkann was patient and shushed his beeping at my via gchat for the ten minutes for me to record some more voiceover. And then he very kindly listened to the whole thing all the way through. And provided feedback on sound levels which I could then easily remix. aifin coached me over twitter on the next steps. And voila! I sent it to iTunes and I had an mp3.

And I can see why you'd get addicted to this gig. There's so much you can do, but like everything, less is more. I tried to get a warp engine drive sound effect to totally sound normal at the end of the podcast, but it totally didn't and I had to let it go.

I did get too cocky and tried to play with iPhoto next. Turns out I might not have enough space on my laptop to download all my photos from my camera. I spent some time deleting and cleaning the laptop up instead but I think it still needs more work.

Still, I feel much relieved to know episode 1 is ready to go. In case anything comes up between now and next week. I'm hoping to get a bit of a buffer for these so that they absolutely come out regularly, no matter what.