May 3rd, 2010


Changing my life. Again!

Last weekend I finally sorted myself out with a digi-whatsamajig for plugging my ipod into my car radio. There's a bunch of choices on the market for a range of prices and it really was quite confusing. In the end though I went with a hot pink one (:P) at the lower end of the range and it's fantabulous!

I didn't actually get it out of the packet until this weekend when I did a bit of driving - visiting maelkann involves a 2 hour round trip so I think it will bother me far less if I can feel like I'm doing something constructive like enjoyably catching up on podcasts, especially when I really don't actually have the time to listen to podcasts much.

Well! This has CHANGED MY LIFE! It works perfectly, took not 2 secs to set up, charges the ipod (and iphone if I switch) and the sound quality is awesome! Of course the downfall to the whole plan is I am crap at updating my ipod with new stuff I have subscribed and downloaded on iTunes. I've even enjoyed just listening in 20 mins or less timeslots as I drive to work and so on. I'm a little worried I have just muscled out all the moments that I listen to music. Though I did suddenly realise this means I can listen to ANYTHING in my music collection in my car WHENEVER I want - yes I am not an early adopter :) Just as well I spent all that time uploading almost all my music last year.


New cover for Horn

We've taken the opportunity to redesign Horn before it goes off to the printer. Amanda Rainey has done her thing and here is the new cover below, the old cover is in the icon for reference and the artwork is by Dion Hamill:

She's good isn't she?

Until May 7th, you can preorder Horn and grab another title in our novella series for just $6. Check out the other titles on sale for Mother's Day at the Twelfth Planet Press website.