May 5th, 2010


update from the haze

Last night was not as productive as I hoped. It was a two story editing night, which is ok because the two stories I edited were both long and of unique voice/technique and you can't edit too many works like that one after the other anyway. Though it took me most of the night to actually get into finishing the edit of the second story. I instead found myself totally starting a brand new quilting project. I so should not have! I haven't returned to the hexagon project since Tasmania! And I haven't looked at the monochrome tumbling blocks since before then. And I haven't progressed the charm quilt. You see where I am going with this.

And yet, I was talking over with my mother what I could do with a jelly roll I had bought - patchwork shops seem to have recently found a new way of selling fabric, they precut often fabrics that all go in one design line, in a particular shape, for ease of machine sewing, I guess? A jelly roll is like 2.5inch (?) strips of the fabric and then rolled so it looks like ... maybe a very thin slice of swiss roll cake? And then there are others - turnovers, honeybuns, cakes I think? Dunno why it's all food related but there you go.

So anyway, I have a jelly roll in a fabric line called L'amour. In pinks, whites, chocolates and reds with love hearts mostly and also wording and stuff. I really liked it but never really knew what I would make with this fabric so got the jelly roll. And I was supposed to learn to use a machine and then make something using these precut strips. Didn't happen yet. And I was talking to my mum, as I said, and she suggested something a bit out there instead of doing strip sewing (which I was contemplating doing by hand) that I could make up other shapes - say the pieces of a star - from strips, so a triangle sewn from strips and then use the triangle for the star pattern.

I pulled out the jelly roll last night and realised that actually the strips (only one per fabric) were wide enough that I could probably actually cut templates for other blocks from, without having to sew them into strips. And somehow I then went to, well I want to try a bunch of other Jinny Beyer block patterns anyway, so ... why not? And then went and downloaded a bunch of free star patterns from her website, printed them off and found myself piecing a Starflower block within minutes! All the stars I've chosen so far play with colour and 3D effects so it will be a sampler, made from my sample fabrics, but hopefully still challenging for me in terms of colour play. The challenge will also be to switch the focus away from the very girly and lovey doveyness of the fabric.

It was nice to take the break from other people's projects and also from the getting bogged down in long winded personal projects and just be completely creatively new on the spur of the moment.

And then I finished the edit of story 2 and was wide awake so instead of falling for the trap of the night before, I put in the first disc for season 1 of Dawsons Creek. A show I have not watched since well ... a loooooooong time. Collapse )

and then

in my actual publishing news, I think I nearly have 3 of my 7 books done. Yesterday I was still waist-deep in not knowing where the end of the tunnel was and then on my way in this morning I realised that someone had switched on the light, not that far away.

I've seen the Horn internals and there are only minor tweaks left before that goes off to the printer. Most of Sprawl has been sent to first proofing and layout. Almost all the stories have been through their major edits stage. Very few are still on the back and forth with minor edits. And about half the contracts have gone out. And the cover is done for Sprawl so once all the stories are edited, there's not too much work left in that, I hope. And almost all of Glitter Rose is at layout and I've seen the preliminary draft from vodkandlime for it and it is *very pretty*. We're just finalising the artwork and cover and Marianne is polishing off the final story and that too will be very soon ready to go to the printers.

Which is pretty cool!

Course, I still have 4 other books I need to get moving on. But having 3 under my belt does feel somewhat reassuring. And once these are underway, I can get back to editing Robot War Espresso and the first half of the final book I am yet to officially announce - a second novella double. And after that, I'm all awaiting for authors to finish work. Though, 2011 projects are sorta in my inbox too ...