May 6th, 2010


What I'm listening to

I'm getting totally addicted to playing my ipod in the car. At the moment I'm working my way through the Outland Institute podcasts. From their website:

The Outland Institute looks at culture in its many and varied forms. From film to radio, the visual arts to public trends, you’ll find it mouldering away in a glass box somewhere.

The Institute is located in Melbourne, Australia, formerly the most livable city in the world.

It's a weekly radio show with all the music cut out. And I originally listened to a few episodes cause Narrelle M Harris guests on the show, and I admit it (you'll see when you check out the link) she plugs Twelfth Planet Press now and again on the show. But now that I have all this extra podcast listening time discovered, I played a couple of the episodes cause they were sitting on my ipod. And having just spent time with narrelle at Swancon this year, I miss her and listening to her on the show is the best stand in for actually talking with her. She is hilarious. She's quick witted, snarky and smart. And I find myself cracking up all the time in peak hour - clearly this has improved my life.

And there's so much interesting content on the show. narrelle brings bookish things to talk about - she brought Lucy Sussex along for one episode and they talked about Mary Fortune (I need to get hold of some of Fortune's work now, Sussex's new book on Australian women crime writers seems not to be out til August this year and I am now on tenterhooks waiting for it) and they also mentioned Rosa Praed.

But I must admit that the host, John Richards, is also quite hilarious - he has a similar humour to narrelle and when they both set each other going, it's pretty funny to listen to. He's so funny and sounds so interesting when talking TV with Josh Kinal that I have been lured over to subscribe to their podcast Boxcutters which I shall check out next.