May 10th, 2010


Movie review - The Surrogates

Yesterday, amidst some rather unpleasant downtime for me due to a close encounter with some peanuts the night before, maelkann and I watched The Surrogates. Now, I love me any movie with Bruce Willis in it, *especially* if he is saving the world.

But I wonder to what extent the way I watch science fiction movies now has been altered by my story editing. Which is to say, I wonder how much the underlying premise of this movie would have bothered me if I'd seen it say 5 years ago. Because ... and I don't think this is a plot spoiler to say... I didn't really understand why the surrogates? I didn't get the point of them. We all would like a clone to go out and do the mundane crap in our lives - go to the job every day, do whatever and bring home the money. It'd be nice to not have to do the daily grind but isn't that always so that you can do *something else*? Like, even if that something else is watching daytime television, watching porn, reading a book or hanging out with strippers in a jacuzi snorting coccaine - wouldn't the point of having a surrogate be *to have fun instead*? In this world, you send your surrogate out to live your life for you whilst you lie there in your room charged up to the technology that enables you to drive your surrogate around in the world, and you experience that vicariously. And That's IT! Aside from the practical questions of, wouldn't you get fat with no exercise? Wouldn't your muscles atrophy? Etc. I just really didn't get the point of why that's better than, you know, not lying in bed and watching the fake you live your fake life, and just living your life yourself.

There's a bad guy and a detective and a murder and an investigation. But I really couldn't get past ... but, but, but, why the fuck why? This viewer did not get it.