May 25th, 2010


Some semblance of normal, returning

Today is the first day that I remotely feel better from the previous. Day 9 of this virus/flu/lurgy. I've been stuck on single tasking for 9 days and ... hated it and ... am soooo far behind now on things. I've basically managed to work (day job) all but 3 days, which is just as well cause I had several urgent deadlines to meet. I've also managed to meet friends and family commitments, kind of cook for myself and that's about it. Done a little bit of reading and TV watching.

So if you've emailed me for any reason, I am hoping to get back up to speed, maybe even just half speed, by the end of today and will hopefully get back to you soon. I'm also hoping to get back up to pace to deliver the three books on my *almost* there list. And tonight we record episode 7 of Galactic Suburbia (I'll be the one with the non-sexy husky voice).

Last night I managed to produce the second episode of Twelfth Planet Cast - please excuse aforementioned voice. Episode 2 features a story from the final issue of Shiny - Language Lessons by Patti Kurtz - and is read by Tehani Wessely. Twelfth Planet Cast is available through iTunes or via here.


in other news

It's hard when you're sick for such a length of time - do you stay in bed for 4 or 5 days straight and maybe kick it or do you just press on? It took me a couple of days for the woozy and the fever to calm a bit for me to realise, hello, get strepsils and some Codral! They've changed the formula on Codral now and whilst it did help with the blocked and runny nose, and maybe a bit with the headache and fever, it didn't remove all the symptoms like the old formula did. I didn't feel like I could "soldier on", I just felt slightly less revolting/miserable.

I read a bit at the beginning of last week - finished Liar by Justine Larbalestier and also got really stuck into the Buffy Season 8 graphic novels - they are awesome! I'm so back into the verse that I think I'll have a bit of a Buffy and Angel fest once I'm done with the Dawsons Creek binge I am currently on. I haven't decided yet whether I want to venture near the Angel comics though. I kind of like the uncertainty of the way Angel ended. I thought it was poetic. And I think I am going to jump ahead of wherever it was that I got stuck in the rewatching of Buffy, especially since I don't need to write an ep summary any more like Rachel and I were doing back at the Shiny mag website. I just want to get back into the nitty gritty bits that I like about that show. I also noted how much faster I worked through these graphic novels compared to Fables. Maybe Fables is not quite for me afterall.

I got some vague sewing done over the weekend. It's horrible when you're so sick and you just can't face or do anything that you love. I'm working on a new quilt for myself, I think, from the L'Amour fabrics by Moda. I had a jelly roll and decided to do something other than strip work with it. I finished the second block last night so might get some photos of the first two later on. I quite like the discreteness of the block work. All the other projects I am working on are really tesellations, basically, and so you don't really get to have small milestones of completion along the way. Working on the quilting bee this last year attracted me finally to the sampler. I quite liked trying out different blocks with no more commitment than just that 12 inch block. And I finally saw the appeal of the sampler (I don't much like them really - too hodge podge for me) particularly when there is continuity of sorts through the work with the fabrics.

I did make it to the Quilt and Craft fair on the weekend though I was feeling particularly broke and didn't even give myself a budget. I definitely don't need any more random fat quarters since I have so many at home. And I am sort of seeing that it is quite hard to progress projects in one craft year. So I tried to take ideas away rather than more stashing or project buying and that did help both financially and stress-wise - I didn't really buy up yet more future craft project time with things I fancy making now and locking myself into making them later, if that makes sense (am also likewise on a trying to read books I have right now rather than acquiring more). I did buy one fabric for one new project - a new quilt block exchange circle with cassiphone and some of her sewing group. I'm up first - June - and was keen to get myself all sorted this last weekend in enough time to make up the parcels. That was my main purchase and I feel pretty good about that, since I needed to buy the fabric anyway. And in theory I'll have a lap quilt or half a quilt made by mid- July :) Ooh that could be my completed by Xmas 2010 project! AndI got a bit enthused to look into actually working with the fabric stash I have (which I don't want to end up like my yarn stash).

I went with C_, a friend from a couple of work contracts ago - we started going back when we worked together and I love the catch up we get to have. We wander around for a couple of hours and then stop for a coffee and chat. And we know each other's tastes pretty well now that we can pull things out for each other. She totally sorted me right out on my two tasks- Bday present for cassiphone and my fabrics for the circle. I was still sick and couldn't quite work the maths. And then we did the tour of the quilt exhibition. I thought a lot of it was less inspriring than previous years but I really loved some of the quilt as art pieces on the back wall and the project "Women of the World" looked pretty fun too.

Mum had her 60th birthday celebrations on Sunday so I got up early to get my catering efforts done beforehand. There was a looooot of food. I'd already prepared maelkann that he would be expected to pull some weight in the eating of leftovers department. I thought it was a lovely do though - lovely people came and made Mum feel special. We had it at my sister's and she had, as usual, brought forth great hosting and catering wonders. I helped with the dishes and washing up! And I was allowed a little bit of bub time, mostly had been told I could have none due to my sickness. I traipsed home with a loooot of cake. We won't get through it all - maelkann has been around a lot as he has been on a course up sort of this way all week and we've done our best! I also had a lovely opportunity to catch up with a few of my Mum's cousins who I don't really see that often. It was very nice!