June 6th, 2010


Ah good times

I'd like to think that the comments posted over on Black Gate magazine in response to the post on the recent call for subscribers to renew their subscriptions to Realms of Fantasy is a troll.

2. DEATH, DEATH, DEATH to “Political Correctness”.

I like “pulp” and “Sword and Sorcery” in all its gory, sexist, glory. Big, awesome barbarians, though an occasional wizard or rouge can slip in. Women are to be barmaids, princesses, slave girls, dancers, victims to be rescued, etc. Blacks and MezoAmerican like peoples are either rare “Noble Savages” or hideous cannibals with filed teeth. Orientals are sinister characters, though their women look hot but unless they are “Rescued sacrifice victim” also very sinister. Of course, awesome “Noble Savages” think Kubotai from “Conan the Barbarian”! Mix in lovecraft, westerns, maybe some not too queer Burroughs like stuff…

Really, do women, blacks, orientals, Mexicans, etc. buy “Heroic Fantasy/Sci-Fi” enough that the damage of not sucking sucking sucking up to them will be less than the damage of alienating your base customer market?

Course the other explanation, and goes for someone else vocal on the genderfail issue of late is, male writers who somehow think that letting more women get published will take sale spots from them, even though they aren't making those sales now as it is. Much like the "the foreigners are taking all our jobs" argument. And for this dude, the way I see it, is if he IS submitting that kind of material to magazines (particularly ones with female editors) good on those magazines for rejecting him. The 1940s - 60s are gooooone man. Give it up and move on. Anyone can drink at the water fountains and sit at the front of the bus now.