June 8th, 2010


Future Imperfect - Art Show


Glitter Rose Collection

This morning I sent the final story to Amanda for layout for Glitter Rose. And she immediately sent me back the draft galley for the final version.

Seems like such a big milestone for what was really the smallest of acts.

I can't believe this book is nearly ready to go to the printer. The galley is ready for final proofing and that's it. I've also seen the first mockup of what will eventually become the cover. And after much searching and working and finetuning, I think what we have produced is the prettiest Twelfth Planet Press book so far. How could we not have with a title like Glitter Rose?

I get to reveal, if you don't read Marianne de Pierres' blog where she already did, that the final story, written specifically for this collection, is called "Mama Ailon". And this story beautifully completes Tinashi's story - addressing her reasons for moving to Carmine Island, exposing her demons and maybe, just maybe offering her the closure that she seeks. I think it is exquisitely bittersweet and am excited to share this story and the book with the world.

Hopefully it will be off to the printer in the next week or two.