June 9th, 2010


end of the day wrap up

Ugh. I'm pretty stressed out at the moment with a bunch of different things in my life. Things at TPP are ramping up. My schedule was to have Horn, Sprawl and Glitter Rose at the printers by May 30. So the running behind is really starting to make me quite anxious and panicked - the kind of anxious and panicked where you start to become increasingly more tunnel-visioned and start casting off deadweight that's just slowing you down or distracting. The truth is that I am my best in this frame of mind, as long as I don't get paralysed by fear or overwhelmed by what is left to do. I am more decisive, more driven and more focussed. Usually.

With Glitter Rose almost at the printers, I think I might end up maybe only 2 weeks behind schedule here. I sent the final Sprawl story to proofing today. So Sprawl is not far behind going to print. And that will put me at 3 books to the printers for 2010.

The other thing is that I tend to just suck in and get done other tasks - when approaching one horrible to do item that I've been putting off, I find myself looking for others and completing those. Today's done task list in no particular order:

- published 2 reviews at ASif!
- read a few stories from F&SF Jan/Feb
- sent final Glitter Rose story to layout
- sent Glitter Rose layout proofs out for final proofing
- edited Sprawl story and sent to proofing (completing all editing on Sprawl)
- opened an Alinta Gas account to prevent them shutting off my gas (what? no first warning?)
- started sorting out car insurance
- kicked arse at day job
- sorted out all the Sprawl signed contracts, countersigning and setting up system to ensure payments
- worked on RWE
- answered about 60 emails
- wrote a guest piece for a website
- sorted out assigned review copies at ASif and got ready to post them tomorrow
- entered recent book preorders into finance spreadsheet
- updated new submissions and sent confirmation emails to writers

Tired now. Got two awesome books in the mail and I so want to start reading them but it's after midnight.

I can't believe that I have finished editing short stories for this year - all the editing I have left is for longer pieces. I will of course set in on 2011's short stories after Worldcon in September but I have edited all the short stories I shall publish in 2010. I'd pause to reflect on that but I have 5 novella/novelettes and 1 novel to get cracking on.


personal update

I just had a quick glance at my blog and realised that most of my posts are publishing related of late. I think that's probably because that is mostly where my head is at most of the time, whilst not at work. I don't talk about work on my blog, and I don't want to. And so, yeah ... that's made me a bit absent around this place.

What's been happening? We got Benji some puppy training, which really means maelkann and I got some instruction on how to train a dog. I'm still working on being pack leader. It's a constant and tough job! Also, meerkat puppy remains hilarious - even the trainer let that slide on account of cuteness factor. We were also advised to change his food and move feeding him to the morning, both of which I have done and both of which have helped calm him down. A bit.

I'm deep in comfort TV viewing. I worked my way through Seasons 1 - 3 of Dawsons Creek and now onto Season 1 of Roswell. I miss the heavy awesome YA programming of the WB at the turn of the century. Really dark and heavy. And lots of them were specfic. I'm just getting so bored with current free to air except for Masterchef.

I'm reading a lot - a lot of shorts, a lot of stuff for TPP and a few bits and pieces that I mostly talk about over on the podcast. I've been collecting single author collections by women to read and all sorts of exciting things have found their way to me. On recommendation by Helen, I've gotten myself Khatru 3 & 4 Symposium: Women in Science Fiction, which I am looking forward to reading. And I really have my eye on some more Smart Pop Books. But that shall have to wait til I have passed my book buying ban for June and July. Finances have gotten a bit out of control ...

I am quilting up a storm, still really engrossed in the L'Amour project - I've been adding frames to the completed blocks (in red or brown and then a second in white) and then I will wait till all the blocks are done before looking at the sashing. I'm itching to get started on other projects too - that's just how I roll. I've been working on the scrap quilt but have my eye on getting back to the tumbling blocks and the charm quilt. I was also playing around with my collection of Chinese Takeaway fabrics to do a chinese lantern themed quilt. But of course, I need more fabric, a background colour, to get started on that. Isn't that always the way?

This weekend maelkann and I are off to see Mamma Mia with my uncle. I've seen it before but you know, it's hard to go past the kitsch of the Dancing Queen - Abba, I can't stand them til you play them, one hit song after another. Plus I love seeing a live show. I get energised to do my own creating after that.

I think I might have gotten boring and in a life rut. I'm working really hard and juggling my best to keep all my balls in the air. And I'm tired a lot of the time - physically and mentally. But, when you're focused on where you want to go, and what will help the most is hard, consistent work, what else can you do?

I have some plans for the next year, that are a bit scary and lifechanging. But that's all still to come.

and in an odd turn of events

I wasn't lying on the whole "I get more things done in panicmode" of the other day. I seem to have almost got the TPP finance records up to date. I got kicked off Skype tonight to finish them. And it looks like there are 21days left of June and I am actually going to have all my 2009-2010 records complete and up to date on the end of Financial Year. For a very first time.

What I don't have is the whole thing cross-checked and reconciled, but I was planning on getting to that bit in the next couple of days - kinda easier when you have actually entered all the data into one place.

And furthermore, after to do listing a personal financial budget for the last 2 years at least, today in a fit of panic I sat down, worked out my spending for the last 3 months as a good enough guide (I haven't bought clothes or shoes or things in the last 3 months) and freaked out and then set a budget for June and July and a moratorium on a few things.

It's amazing what you can achieve when pure terror sets in.