June 17th, 2010


Its the conversation we keep having to have

So, I'm not that much interested in the Mind Melds over at SF Signal. You can probably guess why but jonathanstrahan pointed it out to me yesterday and I meant to post this yesterday but ran out of time.

So this one is on the Single Author Collections everybody needs to have aka the ones most worthy of us discussing. And in summary:

Elizabeth Anne Hull puts forward just 3 titles, all men.
Jeff Vandermeer gives us 10 female titles and a bunch more in his "what else I could have said"
Mike Resnick gives us 9 men and one 1 woman
Catherynne Valente gives us two women
John Ottinger III gives a bunch of men and Elizabeth Moon
Alvaro Zinos-Amaro gives us 9 men and one 1 woman writing as a man
Dave Truesdale gives us a complete list of men.

Of the 7 people asked in this first part, 2 were women.

Much of what I would have to say about this, I've already said before. In brief, to male commentators, women writers in the field are invisible.

What I do have to say is thanks Jeff Vandermeer - by making his own statement loud and clear he has acted as a true critic for me, and given me a huge bunch of books to add to my own reading list, something you don't nornally get with these because people list the obvious and known. He has told ME what should be on MY reading list and in MY library. *APPLAUDS*


The second half of the Mind Meld

It's here

5 people asked - 3 men, 2 women.

Gio Carnival has listed 9 women
Jed Hartman gives 5 women and 5 men
Elizabeth Bear offers 6 men and 4 women
Blue Tyson gives 8 men and 2 women
Scott A Cup has James J Tiptree Jnr and a bunch of men

What have I gleaned? Le Guin, Butler, Russ and Tiptree Jnr were often cited. I've been utterly adoring the Tiptree collection and should probably be getting into these other collections. But there were quite a lot of other women cited - again, mostly from the women asked here. And Jeff. But I think I need to hunt up the Link and also that one called The Girl in the Flammable Skirt cause it sounds like fun.


on sleep

Last night I tried drugs and stopping work by 11.30 pm to get some decent night's sleep. Unfortunately a combination of Roswell and Cat's Sprawl story gave me a horrible nightmare - I dreamed I killed a man and my mother was helping me hide the body and the whole time I was worried about how we would ditch it (I was thinking a Dexter like dumping at sea) and remove all traces of it (you know, decompostion juices etc) and she kept being really casual about it. And then it was the end of the world - the sea levels had risen and all that was left was barren rocks.

I woke up shaking and having to talk myself into going back to sleep, "It was just a dream." Cat's story has given me about 3 or 4 separate nightmares now and I last read that story more than a month ago. It's not overly graphic, it does have a bit of suspense in parts. Her world though is so vividly drawn, the claustrophobia and the paranoia and the being one of the last people left on earth and not knowing why or what happened or if it was over and who you can trust. And the loneliness. I kinda hate postapocalypse stories. Cause I don't wanna have to build society from the bottom up - I mean, yeah, it's exciting, starting from scratch, except it's not from scratch and there's all those dead bodies to bury.

So today I am trying something else for the sleep thing - dates, paw paw and pineapple are supposed to increase serotonin levels. Might has well try it.

ball of yarn

Craft Photo Post Day 4

Four days in a row! I want to rule this week as a week I kicked arsed and I'm still working on it. Today I worked on a job application and I sent out edits to the author of one of the remaining 5 novellas I am trying to get out by Worldcon.

So not an overly big update but progress and that's the point:

Here is a new pile of triangles I've been cutting for the charm quilt. I might start sorting into colour and seeing what they match up with the other ones I have cut and sorted - 6 triangles make a hexagon and I'm doing those by colour and light to dark.

And another completed scrap log cabin. I have a ton of these on the go cause sewing them gets pretty repetitive and I have accumulated a lot of scraps all of a sudden. I figure it's an ongoing project but I'd like to get on top of the scrap piles before they get to big and I look like the crazy lady collecting itty bitty scraps of fabric.