June 18th, 2010


How did it go?

Well last night I definitely felt sleepy and early than normal. I went to bed earlier but lay there quite a while not being able to fall asleep. I was also awake at 6 but not feeling particularly tired. I tried to doze for a couple more hours.

And I had a nightmare with big spiders in it - they grew in size and number and I think this is because I keep seeingthe spider that maelkann did not remove on the weekend.

But I dunno. I think I might feel slightly better? I've started taking some vitamins. Really loading up on pineapple juice. Last night I ate a few dates and today have been eating pawpaw (both dried). If nothing else, I'm eating less junk food? That's gotta help?
And I've cut out my second double shot of coffee today and yesterday.

I really really want a break, need a rest or a day off. But I don't get to have one. I nearly cried when I remembered tomorrow has a Swancon meeting in it and at my house. I'm pretty tired. But I only have 25 days left til everything needs to be at the printers for Worldcon so now is not the time to ... burnout? take a break? stop looking the abyss in the eye?