June 21st, 2010


Weekend: Gone too soon

I came home Friday in a right state. I think I did ok with the kickarse of the week before, my completed to done list included submitting job application and you always get extra points for that right? But I'm still not really sleeping well, having nightmares every night, feeling utterly exhausted and dragging myself through the day. And have a ridiculous amount of work to get done by well ... Worldcon, I guess. But it's not even that, cause a bunch of things to be ready for Worldcon have to be finished in enough time to get printed or packed. And the things that are due after Worldcon are on similarly tight deadlines.

So, yeah. Stressed. And tired.

Best way to cope with that is to create some order somewhere in my life. So I tidied random stuff up, shredded a bunch of old bank statements and set up for the Swancon meeting for in the morning. I felt a little better. We went out for dinner for one of maelkann's friend's birthdays and had a lovely time.

Saturday I shopped and set up for the meeting and then had the meeting. It went a long time but I think it's all going well. Things finally feel like they are starting to come together. I ended up having dinner with maelkann for his birthday at 10pm at The Moon.

Sunday we had breakfast with maelkann's family for his birthday which was lovely. After some pottering around in the city, which even though I tried I ended up not buying anything, we went home and maelkann went off to watch the footy. I edited. And pottered around. And edited. And did podcasting things. And edited. And earned takeaway for dinner and Masterchef. And early to bed.

And now it's Monday. Yay?