June 22nd, 2010


21 Days and Counting

It's gonna be all about the numbers for me for a bit. There are 21 days til all my books are due at the printers for printing before Worldcon. And it's all about what I can honestly and reasonably, and a little less than reasonably, get done before then.

I'm in Stressed Out City.

I'm not sleeping much and when I am, the dreams they are not relaxing. No pretty ponies jumping over rainbows to an angelical soundtrack for me.

I keep thinking about the word "quality" and am leaning towards putting that ahead of meeting deadlines just for the sake of meeting deadlines. And that adds a nauseous undertone to everything - it's not about getting it done for the sake of getting it done. And that makes for hard, soul searching decisions. Still gonna do my very best though.

I popped past my parents' on the way home last night and got a very small moment of my niece's time, in which she looked at me and burst into tears. Yeah, well, wouldn't you? My mother was watching one of those reno shows on Foxtel - this one was about a couple who had decided to create a swank hotel close to Luton airport but of course they had never tackled a project of this size before. Everybody who came in to consult - either workmen, designers, builders or potential staff - were like, dude, you are not gonna get this done. You need wayyyyy more time. You shoulda been on this months ago. And at first the dude was all "I hate how everyone comes with this negative attitude" and by further into him completely missing his deadline you could see him realising that they weren't being negative, they just knew what they were talking about. And in the end, I had to get up and leave cause watching them try and meet their ridiculous deadline was just far too close to home and was giving me a panic attack.

And in the midst of all of this, I have decided I am going to give up sugar for three months. It's a decision I've been slowly coming towards and am needing a couple of weeks to gear up to do. And I'm doing it because I am not at all remotely sure that I can. And I've come to realise it is my substance addiction. And stuff.


Quick update

Over the weekend Twelfth Planet Cast Episode 4 went live with Alex reading Angela Slatter's story from Sprawl - "Brisneyland by Night". You can download/listen to it here or subscribe to the podcast over at iTunes.

Also, thanks to looneymoth for the heads up - Tina Connolly's story from Shiny Issue 2, "The Goats Are Going Places", was featured in PodCastle Episode 108. benpayne, cassiphone and I are chuffed and constantly proud of this little ezine that really could, and did!

ball of yarn

Craft Photo Post Day 6

Quickly posting for yesterday. I took the photo last night and just didn't get to upload it. I'm living out of a bag yesterday and today so have packed some very discrete sewing projects - yay for the ziploc bag. I kind of like the being forced to only be able to work on projects (and work/reading) that you packed. It's so easy to get distracted by choice. And short attention span.

I'm choosing to catch up on a couple of projects that I owe and am very behind in. Especially since next month I will begetting two quilting blocks to do for others - though I must admit I already have July's from the Virtually Bequilted group AND I know what I am making. But I kind of want to catch up on the ones I owe before July first.


(no subject)

So I'm testing out what it's like to do a couple of days at maelkann's place. Up til now, the puppy has been a complicating factor that has meant I pretty much only see C when he comes up to Perth. Sometimes that's several times in the week, and sometimes its meant that we only see each other on the weekends. But he's on leave at the moment and after he spent the weekend with me, I couldn't really bear not seeing him til the following weekend, and in which he is going to be quite busy with other commitments. So I decided to brave it up and pack me and the puppy up for a couple of days.

And it's mostly been really good - the drive into work was ok, I got in earlier than normal because ... yo, sailors get up really early. Also the drive home this evening was only an hour. And the funny thing is that I had always thought that would be the worst thing ever, at the end of the day, to have to schlepp that much further home. But I never factored in that when I get there, there would be maelkann. Or maybe that is so much more to me than it was when we first talked about splitting the sleepovers.

Being able to leave a mostly better behaved puppy - he totally was awesome until right now when we found he had eaten my underwear.

So a very good experiment in all, I think.

Tomorrow I head home with the puppy cause I'll be tuning in to record Galactic Suburbia tomorrow night with Tansy and Alex.

Tired tired tired tired but I'm sure I mentioned that. Still not sleeping. At like 3 this morning maelkann asked me if I wanted to talk about it. I don't think much can be fixed or helped other than walking through this and I have much more to go before I sleep, I guess.

I did get one novella back to the writer today. Two new reworked versions of others appeared in my inbox. And I am halfway through what I hope is my final go through on Glitter Rose. I guess from here, it's hard to get perspective. And cause I've done this before, I just have to have faith that there will be a day, a moment, when it suddenly all comes together. This though, was not that day.

ball of yarn

Craft Photo Post Day 7

Again, not a lot, not as much as I wanted, but something.

There were 4 blocks to make for this project. This is my third. Hopefully will get the fourth done by the weekend and post them off as they are very late.