June 23rd, 2010


Why hello there, fella

Ugh, have woken up with a very husky voice and a heavy feeling on my chest. Am hoping that's a reaction to the feather doona and not me coming down with anything. I have a colonoscopy next week and would prefer to be in perfect health for that and not have to postpone in.

At maelkann's encouragement, and then later cheerleading and vague reward system, we stayed up till after midnight working. It would have been nice to finish the task before sleeping but I think there is another hour in it left.

Probably need to take a day or two off if I can as am starting to run down. And still dreaming every single night of serial killers, often in like 1960s tv set design. Probably bits and pieces of Sprawl in there.

Slowly weaning myself off the sugar. In the first instance, my goal is to elimate the total junk. I'm not going to worry so much about the carbs unless I just replace one habit with another. Luckily almost any other food group has its own fightback loop - gluten, lactose, etc.


More TV - Roswell

Been working my way through Roswell as I have it playing in the background whilst working and sewing. I'm into the second season now and it's much less familiar to me. I must have only watched the first season through a couple of times in the past even though I had all 3 on tape.

This time through the show, I found Liz a bit much. She always seems to be the one in aggressive or at least nonconsensual pursuit? Max repeatedly tells her that they can't be an item and she just keeps pushing the issue. I found it a bit ... much. Even if Max was doing it to ultimately protect her, no should mean no.

This time round, as is often the case in the way I consume television, I have discovered that the supporting characters are much more interesting that the focal ones. Quick synopsis of the show - aliens did crashland in Roswell in 1956. Some were in pods that were in hibernation til the 80s when randomly human looking kids clawed their way out and were found by the side of the road. Max and Isabel were adopted and Michael was fostered out. They don't know who they are, where they are from or why they are here. They have powers and they are desperate to hide who they are for fear of what will happen when they are discovered. And a bit like how Buffy reveals herself, they slowly let others in on their secret.

The first season has a lot of themes you would expect from a YA show - love interests, quest for identity whilst still fitting in etc. By the end of the season, things have really gotten more serious - people suspect who they are, the US government suspects who they are, Tess has arrived and the reason why they were sent here has sort of become apparent.

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Things start to get interesting in Season 2. In a way Season 1 really acted as background setting (who all our main characters are and us investing in their ultimate outcomes) and now we move on to the why - why are the aliens here? What is their mission? Who are their real enemies - are there other aliens on the planet and how will they recognise them? How will they fight this war? How will they know what to do?

Spoiler alert: There are other aliens on this planet and they need to fight them in order to be able to go home.

Things get interesting though when they discover that maybe not all the other aliens are bad - there is a very complex political situation and other factions have also sent representatives to stake claim, to participate or hinder. It all gets very intriguing. What we don't know is who really we should back and why - is Max the good guy? We never really know. We don't know what the war is that he is fighting and why he should fight it, and neither does he. All he knows is, this is his destiny. And we don't even know if he would have wanted this to be this way - he was resurrected, if you like, after he was dead to continue to fight on. It's all very grey - we find out that Isabel was his sister in his past form too and that she was not all she appeared to be. And it gets so interesting when we learn along with Max, that the previous Isabel betrayed him - the new Max feels that betrayal, yet this Isabel has not done anything and would never do anything to betray him. All complex and interwoven.

What I love about this idea is that everything that they need is within themselves. They have the means to fight this war in who they are. And in many ways we see Max make the same decisions in this life as he must have done in the previous one and which led to his demise. And really, if he is himself rebooted, wouldn't he make the same decisions again? And if so, is that what his side want him to do? Was it the decisions that were at fault or other factors? And if we are destined to repeat the same thoughts and actions, can Isabel really be trusted? Or in different circumstances do we act differently? Max shows that we don't.

Somehow this idea kind of appeals to my current decluttering and discarding of possessions. Do you really need all the photos you took from a holiday? Or is it about the experience yuou had of the holiday, which you carry within you in life. I love the idea of only needing that which is in you. I often see myself make the same edits to work or write the same lists from scratch and think, wow, I always think the same way when I come to approach something.

I know how the show ends. And it's not overly dissatisfyingly. The love story with Liz asks the question - what is destiny? What happens if you don't choose the path that was mapped out before you? What if you do choose to walk the path but alter the way it looks, just slightly? Is it details or the outcome that's important? Will all go awry if you don't do what was expected and planned for you?

All interesting YA questions.


Not a big deal

So our 6 month anniversary is coming up week after next. I'm kind excited about it - excited that we've been together this long and happy and also because I've never gotten to celebrate a 6 month anniversary before. On discussion this conversation happened:

GJ: So are we going to exchange gifts for our six month anniversary?
C: I dunno? Are we gift exchanging type people?

*GJ pauses for a moment to wonder and then be horrified at the idea there are *non*gift exchanging people out there*

C: I have something planned ...
GJ: Wha...
C: Oh no! I have said to much already!
GJ: What do you mean you have something planned?
C: No. I have said too much. I don't want it to be a big deal.
GJ: O. M. G. Squeeeee! We're going to the Moon!!!!!
C: *shakes head*

So apparently, the moon is licensed and we don't need to bring our own drinks. You'd think they would have covered that in the moon landing -
"One small step for man ... one giant leap for mankind"
*waiter comes out with a tray and a napkin over his arm*
"Would you like to see the wine list sir?"


Sometimes you get the feeling that you just can't win?

These days it seems like one of my Mum's main parenting jobs is to yell at me to stop crying and calm down after I call her in tears.

I had one of those evenings. Drove home in peak hour in the rain - which I still hate because I still vividly remember driving on the freeway in the hailstorm. I stopped at the post office and then grabbed food for dinner. Headed home to discover that ... FUCKING ALINTA GAS CUT OFF MY GAS SERVICE. For no FUCKING reason! I had that "create a new account by the 15th or else" notices and so I called up and opened an account before the 15th (livejournal says I did it on the 9th) INCLUDING giving my credit card details because they have to direct charge you for the first 4 bills. And today I got a notice dated the 21st that THEY CUT IT OFF CAUSE I HAD NO ACCOUNT. FUCK YOU ALINTA GAS.

I responded by ringing them to find out that of course they are not open out of business hours. And then calling my mother and crying. I might have said something like "I can't win. Even when I do the right thing, I just can't win."

I ended up going to my parents' to shower and my mum made me dinner. And Benji might have ended up with a bath, unexpectedly. And with food in my stomach, I felt a bit more reasonable. I will try and sort it in the morning. But my voice is getting worse and worse and I'm not going to be able to sound as forceful as I would like.

The worst thing is I have the same thing to go through with the electricity and I hoping they are not going to turn that off too.

I think, I could use an early night. Please no nightmares tonight?!


Galactic Suburbia Episode 10

And then my friends skyped me and we recorded episode 10 of Galactic Suburbia as the Australian Labor Party called a spill ...


Maureen Johnson’s Manifesto, on branding & Tansy’s blog post on the same topic
Small Beer Press announce upcoming publication of a collection by Karen Joy Fowler, What I Didn’t See & Other Stories
British Fantasy Awards shortlist

2010’s inductees: Octavia E. Butler, Richard Matheson, Douglas Trumbull and Roger Zelazny
Each year since 1996, the Hall of Fame has inducted four individuals on the basis of their continued excellence and long-time contribution to the science fiction field. its mission through annual inductions of individuals who have made outstanding and significant contributions to Science Fiction.
One woman out of 4 this time; 9 women in total out of 61, since 1996. Just less than 15%
Women honoured so far are: Betty Ballantine, Ursula Le Guin, Anne McCaffrey, C L Moore, Andre Norton, Mary Shelley, Kate Wilhelm and Connie Willis.
[women discussed not yet honoured thus: Joanna Russ, Lois McMaster Bujold, JAMES TIPTREE JR]

Ditmar nominations open
Peter Watts – fundraising campaign started by Cat Sparks to bring him to Australia for Worldcon


Tansy: Privilege of the Sword by Ellen Kushner
Alisa: manuscripts only, including new unpublished work by Ben Peek & Stephanie Campisi
Alex: so much Girl Genius; Power and Majesty by TRR; Boneshaker, Cherie Priest (abandoned); Julian Cornstock, Robert Charles Wilson (close to abandonment)

Pet Topic
Our early years of SF/fantasy
– what did we read?
– would we re-read it?
– would we recommend it?
– why did we like it?

Alex: Riddle of the Trumpalar (Judy Bernard-Waite); everything by Victor Kelleher (Taronga, Red King, Del-Del especially); Lord of the Rings; My Sister Sif (Ruth Park); Playing Beatie Bow; David Eddings and Anne McCaffrey in teens. John Wyndham; Brian Caswell.
Tansy: David Eddings, Gillian Rubenstein, Robin Klein, Enid Blyton; Jennifer Roberson, Sword & Sorceress, Feist & Wurtz, Terry Pratchett… NOT Lord of the Rings. Also Doctor Who! Picnic at Hanging Rock, Nan Chauncy, Stephen King…
Alisa: Tom’s Midnight Garden by Philippa Pearce, Playing Beattie Bow, Terry Pratchett, Ender’s Game by Orson Scott Card, Empty World by John Christophe, Z for Zachariah, The Chrysalids by John Wyndham, then a detour for a while to other genres, a little bit of Star Trek novelisations, The Stand by Stephen King

Feedback etc:
galacticsuburbia@gmail.com – tell us what you read as a child! When did you get into genre? Why should Alex finish Julian Cornstock?
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no craft post tonight

Been feeling progressively more sick this evening. Was hoping this was an allergic reaction to the feather down doona from last night but have started coughing and sneezing and have a terrible sore throat. I think that flu has come back.