June 25th, 2010


Getting back on track

Was home sick again today. The asthma is improving but the brain was still not functioning quite right. I always feel guilty taking sick days. But I couldn't work on TPP or even sew, so I'd say I was reasonably sick enough to say that I wouldn't have been productive at work either.

I did manage to sew straight lines today - not start anything that wasn't previously pinned and I couldn't even think about new blocks - funny how working out which colours and patterns work is a different part of your brain. I just couldn't face that. So instead I worked borders and unpicked the borders that I sewed that were wrong before.

And watched lots of Roswell.

But I also have hot water again! Had to get a plumber out to relight the pilot and it wasn't straight forward so I felt a bit justified about not being able to do that myself. I also postponed my colonoscopy.

And then I tried out grocery shopping online. I figured I was not going to be up to the task in the next few days and then it would be the working week again. And I do want to be able to keep a handle on food spending, which has gotten a bit out of hand and is related to the sugar thing. So I sat and planned a bunch of meals and sorted a shopping list and then the delivery man will deliver it all to me tomorrow. And hopefully it all stretched out to a week and a half and I have been financially prudent. We shall see. I also tried out one of the fruit and veg surprise boxes which I thought would be fun to make myself cook outside my comfort zone.

So I feel like I am slowly getting myself sorted and back on track. And hopefully will be almost 100% tomorrow, though my voice continues to get huskier and more and more lost.