June 26th, 2010


Things are looking up

I used to be the kind of person who wrote their assignments 5 minutes before they were due, no matter how much time we were given to work on them. It never occurred to me that a 2 week deadline required 2 weeks worth of work. I used to be last minute girl who enjoyed the thrill of the ride, unsure if I would get the assignment turned in on time and who enjoyed the succinctness and ruthlessness that pressure to deadline brings with it.

And I find it kinda amusing how I am so not that person anymore. Somewhere along the line, I discovered the joy of multitasking and how the better I get at it, the more I can take on. And I finally find myself scouting out future deadlines and planning for them in advance. I think the more you take on, the more precise you have to be on doing the work. I tend to procrastinate less when actively on the task. Usually because if it's not done in the timeslot allocated to it, it pretty much won't get done. There's no real room for doing things later because that time is often pre-booked. And I think that means I am even more cutthroat about tasks now.

But the thing that amuses me the most is when I scout out a future task and do it now and then turn it in even if the deadline is a while away. I don't worry about whether I could have needled at it more and tweaked it, cause I don't have the time for that set aside. But I also no longer need the pressure of the deadline to get things done, in fact I now hate that feeling more than I have ever done in the past. I've become that annoying person who gets things done early and is off doing something else. I've become in this way a lot like my grandmother who was forever getting things sorted way ahead of the deadline cause she could and cause she wanted to know it got done in time.

So today, I was out and about with my mum after running a couple of errands that I *had* to do, which got me out of the house. My voice is still pretty much gone but I think I was feeling a bit better, at least up to changing out of my pjs etc (I think that flu/cold has come back though, in full force). We just happened to be outside a Textile Traders so we went in and the next thing I knew, I was sorting out my fabrics for my month of the quilting bee. My month is August and my fabric needs to go out at the end of July and I had really no idea when I was going to have a free Saturday to get it done. And today I had one, my fabrics were chosen and then pottering about with my mother afterwards had the materials washed and dried and ironed and cut. And now I just need to write my brief and package them up. Yay! Another thing done on the to do list!