June 27th, 2010


I LOVE the future!

I am SO ONBOARD the grocery shopping online with home delivery! OMG Hell yes! My delivery came last night in the last 5 minutes of the two hour window I'd booked but still, that you can get your groceries delivered at 5 minutes to 7pm on a Saturday night and the man carries them into your kitchen for you? If that means that I can do my food shopping without the pain? I am SO onboard.

It's a glorious thing!

I tried out the small box of seasonal fruit and veggies with an idea of that a) making fruit and veggie shopping easier and b) having a bit of variety and c) challenging me to use up all the box in the week but trying out new recipes etc.

So far, I have put the potatoes, onion and a carrot into a soup that I have bubbling away on the stove. Not quite chicken soup but hopefully will help with my cold/asthma. And I had a banana and some strawberries on my puffed rice cereal this morning. That's probably a lot more diverse diet than I've had in a while. So it's on track so far!

I also plan to make a curry and a stir fry and a quiche later in the week to get back into proper eating, deal with the ah beginning of life without sugar which begins on Thursday and to get back into the habit of bringing lunch to work.


What do you notice about this?

I just got my Triple J newsletter. Listeners were asked for the best live acts and this was the result:

1. Muse
2. Rage Against The Machine
3. Daft Punk
4. Bloc Party
5. Art Vs. Science
6. The Cat Empire
7. Vampire Weekend
8. Hilltop Hoods
9. The Presets
10. Yeah Yeah Yeahs
11. Foo Fighters
12. John Butler Trio
13. The Flaming Lips
14. Pearl Jam
15. The Prodigy
16. Florence + the Machine
17. Phoenix
18. Grinspoon
19. Tool
20. Radiohead

Do you see what I (don't) see here?
ball of yarn

Craft Photo Post Day 8

Grr, missed a couple more days. Haven't really gotten my sewing mojo back and have mostly been sewing straight lines. Lots of borders for the L'Amour quilt.

And some pre-pinned charm hexagons:

Also almost finished this pink version and did finish the L'Amour one of:

Anything that is pinned is finally getting sewn.

Dear Future Me

I must have been sitting somewhere in cassiphone and aifin's place. It would have been after my first Christmas. And I would have already picked out all the stories for Sprawl, and talked endlessly to cassiphone about all kinds of things. And cleared my head whilst being touristy in Hobart. And people were talking about FutureMe.org and I must have sat down and written myself this message, to arrive in my inbox today:

Dear FutureMe,

I'm just checking in to see how you're going and to remind you that though the road is long and the workload is heavy, the payoff is worth it.

Its worth it.

I needed that reminder too! Thanks PastMe!