June 28th, 2010


Ditmar Eligibiles from Twelfth Planet Press

The following works were published in 2009 by Twelfth Planet Press:

ASif! - Australian Specfic in Focus, review website. In 2009 reviews were published here. All reviewers and their reviews are eligible for the William Atheling Award.

Short stories:
"Like Us" by Tansy Rayner Roberts, Shiny Issue 5
"Paper Dragons" by Sue Isle, Shiny Issue 5
"Six Suicides" by Deborah Biancotti, A Book of Endings
"Diamond Shell" by Deborah Biancotti, A Book of Endings
"Hush" by Deborah Biancotti, A Book of Endings
"Problems of Light and Dark" by Deborah Biancotti, A Book of Endings
"Debutante" by Dirk Flinthart, New Ceres Nights
"Tontine Mary" by Kaaron Warren, New Ceres Nights
"Fair Trade" by Stephen Dedman, New Ceres Nights
"A Troublesome Day for Jacky Midnight" by Matthew Farrer, New Ceres Nights
"Prosperine When It Sizzles" by Tansy Rayner Roberts, New Ceres Nights
"Candle to the Devil" by Sue Isle, New Ceres Nights
"Smuggler’s Moon" by Lee Battersby, New Ceres Nights
"The Piece of Ice in Miss Windermere’s Heart" by Angela Slatter, New Ceres Nights


Siren Beat by Tansy Rayner Roberts
Horn by Peter M Ball
"Blessed Are the Dead That the Rain Falls Upon" by Martin Livings, New Ceres Nights
"Sharp Shooter" by Sylvia Kelso, New Ceres Nights
"The Widow's Seven Candles" by Thoraiya Dyer, New Ceres Nights

A Book of Endings by Deborah Biancotti
New Ceres Nights edited by Alisa Krasnostein and Tehani Wessely



Well, I finished the third season of Roswell. All the way through, I kept wondering if I'd only ever watched the show the one time. A lot of it felt like watching it for the first time til after and I remembered what had happened. But as I got further and further in, I realised why I probably only did watch this show the one time through - it jumps the shark somewhere between the end of Season 1 and the beginning of Season 2. What a shame. The first season was so strong and had such promise and just totally failed to deliver it. I had also slightly misremembered the ending.

The only character I really enjoyed this time through was Kyle. He started off as this really 2D plot device and ended up being really awesome. He managed to forge real and meaningful relationships with almost all the other characters and he developed and evolved over the show.

Favourite lines, near the end of Season 3:

Kyle: Why haven't you killed her yet?
Michael: Because Max wouldn't let me.

Ah good times. Probably not going to be well worn DVDs after all. Just as well I got them on sale.


Kicking the habit

Today was the first day in a very long time, if ever, that I stopped past the shops on the way home from work (as I do everyday as I need to go to the post office daily) and only bought things I actually needed, that's all. I actually left the shop with a jar of garlic and a jar of ginger and one pack of soothers for my sore throat. I thought about buying a little something something for the evening - maybe some licorice, or some lollies but as I wandered around, I thought that well, Thursday is the day I quit for realz and what's the point of doing it so suddenly that I get whiplash? And as I asked myself why and for what I needed these sugary things, I could not come up with a good enough reason - some things went awry today, maybe some lollies would soothe. When that didn't cut it, I tried out that because it was cold ... which also didn't really cut it. And I walked out emptyhanded. For the first time in a long long time.

I wanna kick this addiction. Deal with the cravings and break the habits.

And what's interesting is this space ... this empty space. I think I try to fill it with the good good sweet sugar. And I never really noticed it til today. There's a space here and I'm interested to explore it. Interested to find out what it's about and why I want to fill it so I don't need to see it. It's made its presence known to me this evening and I'm just picking it up and turning it around and surveying it. All I know is there is a space here. A void. A fear, maybe. I dunno yet. But I'm guessing that it's not going to be fun defining it.

But discovering it has piqued my interest. Maybe just enough to move through the withdrawl just to explore this.