June 29th, 2010


Professional Art Ditmar Eligibiles from Twelfth Planet Press

If you liked the covers of any of the Twelfth Planet Press books from 2009, here are the details to nominate for the Professional Art category:

Horn - cover art by Dion Hamill, cover design by Amanda Rainey
Roadkill/Siren Beat - cover art by Dion Hamill, cover design by Amanda Rainey
A Book of Endings - cover by Nick Stathopoulos
New Ceres Nights - cover art by Dion Hamill, cover design by Tehani Wessely


Sugar free

So I'm not quite sugar free yet, and technically I don't have to be till Thursday. I have stopped restocking and haven't had a lolly in days. Today though I found an interesting quirk - because I have a fully stocked pantry and fridge (first time since the Rodent Fiasco) I have no reason to stop past the shops. I have all the ingredients I need for all the meals this week. The point is to save money by not shopping in small amounts every day. So now, since I didn't need to pop into the shops, and in fact was not going to, I suddenly didn't need to check my post office box today - would be fine, it seems, to check it every other day. What could be so urgent, afterall?

So today, I saved money AND time - I was home definitely a half hour earlier which meant I could put dinner on earlier and settle in for the evening earlier.

Anything that liberates time for me is an awesome awesome thing.

Today I got halfway through Cold Cases, the latest version. It's much longer than Horn. So that puts me at 4.5 for 5 - 5 being the number of novellas/novelettes I have to edit and take to print by the 12th. I'm hoping to finalise and announce the final book for Worldcon in the next couple of days.

I've started sleeping a little bit better - I mean that's even ridiculous to say because the ventolin and serotide have me super hyped up at bedtime and I'm waking up several times in the night with coughing and needing a drink to stop. But I feel less lethargic, if that makes sense? I don't feel completely and utterly knackered when I've gotten up this week to go to work. In fact, I was at my desk quite a bit before 9 on Monday and on the dial this morning. AND I had packed both breakfast and lunch and healthy afternoon snacks on both days. And then cooked dinner tonight. Less lethargic and groggy is the only way to describe it. All this time I've thought that I was just damn lazy and maybe uncommitted or not wanting it enough, to get up and drag my arse to exercise in order to start losing weight. I used to be a really energetic person and this has felt really weird or sad. But what if ... well, what if ...

It's too early to say anything other than I feel better. I'm starting to feel better from the asthma. I'm still coughing constantly and have a headache from it. And my headcold is still there. But like I said, I feel better in the mornings and I feel more in control or at least getting more organised. I got on top of a ton of work at work today. And this evening, I've been pottering around sorting things out and getting things done.

Thursday is D Day when I can no longer have sugar in my morning coffee. To be fair though, getting sick this close to July 1 has meant I've been off food since Thursday and not really feeling much like anything, including coffee (I've been drinking black tea). So I've eased into this more than maybe I would have anyway.