July 1st, 2010


Tired and working my arse off

This cough is driving me crazy. It's never ending and I go to bed each night with a headache. Still I finally realised the reason I am sleeping ok this week is that I am popping panadol for the headache and to suppress the coughing before going to bed. Ah well, we takes what we can gets.

Very little sewing is getting done other than boring borders. On the other hand, it's all I can face and I will be glad to have done them later on when my brain has proper amounts of O2 and I am back up to fiddling with new blocks.

Work is heavy. And I'm racing towards the July 12 printing deadline. Glitter Rose is so so so close to going to print. Sprawl is off with proofers getting the final proofing. Cold Cases has been given its finished title and has some pretty awesome cover art. And its back with the author doing final edits. The two novella doubles are being juggled - half of each are with me getting copy edits done and the other halves are with authors doing final edits.

Juggling is the art here. I nearly did my head in trying to figure due dates for all these things bouncing back and forth.

My mother suggested to me tonight that next year I should not pack my schedule so much that I can't sleep from stress. I actually couldn't compute what she'd said. She was like, yes you can hang out with friends, go to the movies, do craft ... just relax. And I honestly was thinking, "am I allowed to do that?" You know when you're at school and then uni and you perpetually feel guilty cause you aren't working on something that's due some time? I think I think you are supposed to feel like that all the time. TPP has a heavier schedule next year than this but work on it starts after Worldcon. And the deadlines are a bit more spreadout than this year's which are concentrated. And once Swancon is over, I'm not signing up for anything else, someone somewhere has made it such that I really won't be. So I think I might just think about this idea of ... just relaxing and enjoying family and friends. And art galleries, she said art galleries!


Day 1

So I started today. I quit sugar. And I survived!

Actually it wasn't too bad cause I'd really quit most of it last week and I'd changed a few of my regular routines and habits - I've been bringing in breakfast to work, and lunch and some healthy snacks for the afternoon and late morning. So I haven't needed to go to the canteen. And with the whole week's shopping already in the pantry and fridge, I've been able to avoid the temptations of the shops straight after work when my blood sugar is low.

The biggest thing was giving up the caramel shot in my morning coffee which I dealt with by stopping off at the best cafe on the way to work and getting my coffee there instead, no sugar. And yep! You were right! If the coffee is very good quality, it doesn't need sugar. And not only that, I actually enjoyed the cup as well, no sugar and all.

I've been playing around with herbal teas as something interesting at work (I tend to go get coffee when bored) and to be a water source in the day. And I've noticed that as the sugar is being removed, I can appreciate and enjoy the subtler flavours. Today I finally enjoyed licorice tea - a tea I have been trying to like for about 6 years now. How exciting!