July 2nd, 2010


6 months!

Today is our 6 month anniversary and we are off to a restaurant tonight to celebrate. I've never celebrated 6 months before so it feels very special.

After talking of wanting to be gift exchanging people, I actually couldn't think of anything to buy and talking to maelkann I found out that neither could he. It didn't need to be big or expensive or romantic. Just something that showed care. So we decided instead to buy a gift for us from us that we could enjoy as a couple. And that has been decided to be a pair of bedside lamps at maelkann's so that I don't need the room light on to read after he had gone to sleep. And also a new doona that won't give me asthma. And tomorrow we shall pick them out.

Why yes this could also be seen ad me decorating his room. Cough.

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