July 9th, 2010


Aqueduct Press prints its 50th book in 6 years

Jeff Vandermeer has a feature interview at Omnivoracious with L. Timmel Duchamp, the founder of Aqueduct Press. Aqueduct Press have just published their 50th book in just 6 years of press. It's not Helen Merrick's book, below, but they published that too and it's well worth a read. Aqueduct Press is one of the presses that inspire and motivate me. It's the kind of press I'd like Twelfth Planet Press to be some day.

Over at his blog, Jeff talks about 50-6-1 - 50 books in 6 years and one reader at a time. He says "You’re that one reader now, so if you like Aqueduct, if you like me are impressed by this achievement, please re-blog the link to the feature and a link to Aqueduct’s main page for those who want to order that way instead, and support this unique publisher with some book sales love."

Well, I am that one reader, so here is my blog post telling you about this important and hard earned achievement. And now I am off to buy some Aqueduct books. Congatulations Aqueduct! Here's to 50 more! 

Pulling back

I'm taking a couple of days off editing and publishing. I'm following the advice that sometimes less is more, that pushing yourself beyond reasonable stress levels reduces quality and effectiveness. Ultimately, to me, the quality of the books we print is more important to me than meeting deadlines. That's hard to do though when meeting deadlines has been one of the core goals set for Twelfth Planet Press.

Still, I've been lucky in that the July 12 deadline has become flexible. Fablecroft and Twelfth Planet Press have a joint printing schedule which means that the printer can do a tight turnaround for each of the six books we've sent to them as long as the titles don't all come in at once. Angelic music to my ears!!

I'm doing a small reprinting of A Book of Endings so that I have copies available at Worldcon. This was the first of my books to be printed and went to print this week. Glitter Rose is mostly at print at a different printers, with just the cover needing to be uploaded. And i've paid for half the printing as the deposit. So really this week I sent two books to press. And rather than push on with the tonne of other work, I'm gonna take a day or too to enjoy the fact that some tasks are indeed completed.

Sprawl will likely be next to go to print. Amanda is going to pop software on my laptop to help ease proofing changes to laid out manucripts and next week I shall work through the proofing feedback for that. Bleed will be off to proofing too. And really that's 4 books about done and ready for the fun bit - I confess, I love packaging and posting off bought copies.

I mentioned it on Galactic Suburbia already. There is a second novella double being worked on for Worldcon. Thoraiya Dyer wrote me a pirate story featuring two Australuan teens with attitude issues. The Company Articles of Edward Teach will be partnered with a second story yet to be revealed.

But I need a break cause all the words are starting to look the same ;)

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What a difference a day makes

I can't even begin to explain how much better I felt today compared to yesterday. editormum thought that most of my angst was from stress and not the sugar withdrawal and I dunno, she might have a point. I gave myself last night off - totally did no work, started a new block for the July Quilting Circle and watched a couple of eps of The Wire which I am getting sucked into. And I had a reasonable night's sleep - Benji was up and pacing and whining and distressed with the thunderstorm at 3am. I used to love thunderstorms but he just hates them. He woke up at a clap of thunder that was so distant, I could hardly hear it and we were awake as the storm slowly made its way to us and then past us. I was very firm with him and he did at least get up on the bed to be restless instead of trying to pull my TV down.

Today I didn't feel irritable at all. I felt quite upbeat. And clear headed. And I worked and focussed on just one or two things. I also submitted my job application. And took the time to feel how lucky I am because two very good work friends took the time to give me feedback on my selection criteria and saved my butt in a few places (mostly by pointing out things I had forgotten to add) and then kaelajael helped me out at the last minute when I found a typo that I absolutely could not live with on my beautiful CV that vodkandlime did for me. I realised that I might feel frustrated and stressed when I push myself to shoot for goals beyond my current skills but I have so many people in my corner cheering me on and who have my back that I am a very, very fortunate person. I felt loved, I guess.

And that's what I want to take away from the last two days its that I think I use sugar to numb my feelings. And that's cool when you want to cope with really horrible emotions (though the last few years say it doesn't numb ALL the bad feelings), but it also works to numb the positive, awesome feeling ones too. I had a fascinating discussion in counselling on Monday in which I learned that drug addicts are not only addicted to the drugs but to the escape, the way to deal, the habit and the self medication/numbing of feelings. You can kick the addiction, but if you don't find ways to cope and deal with life, you never really will stay off your drug of choice, you will come back long after the chemical addiction is broken because it's the only way you know how to deal and cope.

So for me, it has to be ok that some of these days are gonna be hard. This is supposed to be hard - its about facing issues and learning to find new ways to cope.

And that was Day 9.

"we choose to ... not because they are easy, but because they are hard." John F Kennedy, 1962