July 11th, 2010


They call that a weekend

Ugh. Weekend went too fast. Again. But I did stick pretty much to my editing break.

Friday night I went out for dinner with two old workmates. It was a rainy night and we had delicious indian food and a good old chat. Wasn't a late night but was lovely to catch up with them both. maelkann eventually made his way to my house and that was lovely to see him too. And to wake up Saturday morning with him. I got my hair done and then went out to watch him play rugby. It was raining so I stayed in the car and watched and knitted and started reading Power and Majesty.

Now, Tansy is one of my very bestest friends so I am supposed to love her work and well, it's usually hard for friends to judge work, I think. But I do like the way she writes, as shown by the number of times I've published her and many of the things I have published have been nominated for all kinds of awards and shortlists so I think when I say that I seem to be unable to put this book down, it is more than just me being a good friend. I have very little attention span, hate big fat fantasy and trilogies, have no time to read and haven't read a long novel for quite some time, and I can't put it down. In fact, I'm doing that thing you do when you're reading a good book - stopping doing other things, things I love (like sewing) to read just another chapter. And here is her new book trailer in case you wanna see naked men falling from the sky:

Saturday night we mooched - I watched almost to the end of Season 1 of The Wire and sewed and stuff. And then today ... well, today had a lot of commitments in it. And then it's Monday again. Back to the grind, which I wish was less grinding.