July 18th, 2010


and in other news

Ok, I can't believe I am just not getting the time to update here. I also have now become someone who can't keep up with her friendslist. How did this happen to ME!? Anyway, my life is pretty crazy, I really am working two full time jobs, pretty much, and running a con that has extra meeting commitments this year (WASFF Board and Steering committee) which ends up 3 of my sundays in some months (hurts a lot), and trying to still see friends and family and spend quality time with my boyfriend. It's ... a lot.

I'd like to believe this will settle down once all the books for Worldcon go to press but that's not remotely true. I found myself having to be counselled by friends that the taking on of more assistance at TPP is, you know, a sign of growing and the press getting bigger. But it still stresses me out to feel like I can't do all of it myself - though yes, that means it's growing and is bigger, not smaller. It's a weird crooked loop in my head. Anyway, the schedule for 2011 is very full and I am so excited about it and can't wait to talk about it but much of the actual details won't be locked in til September, so I will refrain.

And I'm also applying for jobs. It's time to move on, I'm afraid. I always said I could only do 5 years in the particular role I have been acting in before your soul gets too crushed and it's 5 years now, on rolling 6 month contracts which just drive you crazy with the lack of security, and my soul is crushed and it's time to get out for a bit. Or for ever, I dunno. For a bit I was acting in a different role which I loved but funding cuts meant it did and so ... I can't do this particular role forever and still believe that ... I dunno, change can happen? I have environmental despair. And it hurts. So it's time for a break.

This weekend, maelkann dipped his foot in my extended family waters for my brother-in-law's 30th by joining me for a couple of family events - Friday night dinner at my sister's in laws' place and my brother in law's 30th party on Saturday night. He survived. I forgot I was on antibiotics for a sinus infection (yay my teeth no longer hurt!) and accidentally got quite drunk at the party and escorted out very politely :)