July 21st, 2010


Not quite what I was expecting

Ugh. Prep was how prep goes. Though, if you have never done it with an anal fissure, then you don't know what I am talking about. It was horrible, painful, I had a sloop and a limp by the end. Couldn't drink all the fluids in the specified time but it all seemed to work out. Felt a bit faint at one point but recovered. I've never done it when relatively well so was surprised by the cramps and unwell feelings. But I did it! Mum made me jelly which was great and also helped with flavouring the colonlytely (doesn't help remove the foul taste). But the big winner was the veg flavoured broth. I had 3 cups after I finished all the picoprep and colonlytely and it really perked me up and tasted great. Was probably the salt but good to remember for next time.

Ah yes, next time.

So overall my experience was great. The hospital was nice and all the staff were awesome. There was an all female team from admission to nursing, anaesthetic and gastroenterologist, and I really liked that. Everyone was really friendly and very caring and I think I got excellent care. The one hour or so wait in the waiting room was ... not the best as I was subjected to, in great detail, the older man who was waiting's complete bowel movement history. He was clearly scared of going under and kept wanting to be reassured and discuss everything in great detail. At first I felt sorry for him and tried to ease his discomfort but eventually it just started eating away at my own feelings about the procedure. You never take going under lightly. And at the end of the day, even though you know you don't have the symptoms, they're looking for cancer and you think "but what if they find something?"

When the man was finally taken in, whilst I was out the room having a consult with the anaesthetist, I thanked her for getting him out of there. They must have heard me cause later on they told me that they moved him into another room and next time I should just get up and politely say something to them. Unfortunately for him, he had a very difficult time, needing to go to the toilet just as they wanted to take him in, so I was taken in instead, and then the lady after me (who was reading her book very studiously all the time til the man left the room and then had a great chat with me, telling me she felt so sorry for me getting caught up in that!) We both were in recovery and awake and refreshmenting by the time he was wheeled out from his procedure. I felt bad for him but it meant I got to go in sooner. And I was happy to oblige.

So. I was hoping and expecting a complete All Clear as I was in remission 5 years ago and didn't really think all that much had changed. She found a few, very small, signs of Crohn's. Not sure what that means etc other than not in remission, which I thought I was. And I'm a bit disappointed by. C says its a neutral result. Which I spose it is. I still feel exactly the way I do. Results don't change that. I guess.