July 27th, 2010


Back on the wagon

I must admit that I've been off the sugarfree wagon most of last week. Barley sugars get you through colonoscopy prep and then I was being "nice" to myself after that. And then worked 19hours on the weekend on press stuff and inhaled cake and icecream.

The thing is though, I was just starting to lose weight - it seemed to take about three weeks to kick in. And then both Sunday and Monday I felt shattered, like I had a hangover. And so yesterday I hopped back on the wagon and am only starting to feel better now.

I'm glad there are negative aspects to breaking the sugarfree. It's incentive and proves to me how bad a state I was in. The night before prep last week I ate a block of Lindt chocolate spent two hours feeling very ill. It's probably been more than twenty years since I couldn't handle a block of chocolate. I'm excited by the idea that my tolerances could be reset and I could be better self regulated.

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