August 1st, 2010

ball of yarn

Craft Photo Post Day 11

I thought these would go a bit quicker than this! Argh.

Anyway, yesterday I finally sorted some photos that needed sorting/taking. Here is my July block for the Virtually Bequilted group, for catundra.

I have of course also tried it out in the L'Amour fabrics for my quilt. That one isn't finished yet though.

For some odd reason, yesterday I pulled out the monochrome quilt project to sort what blocs needed to be made to finish it off. I have finishingitis cause that quilt top is actually almost half made - and its Queen Bed size. I also managed to get one more charm hexagon done - in yellow - which enabled me to insert a few more hexagons into the quilt. Hoping to get some time today to actually sew those up.

Breakfast now for my Dad's birthday. More TPP work this arvo. But we'll see what happens.


A funny weekend that was surprisingly productive

By Friday afternoon I was pretty stressed out. I have a lot still to get done before Worldcon and yeah, we have this month and then it's showtime. So I booked myself in for a massage Friday afternoon. My lower back has started playing up and I wanted to get back to see my yoga teacher, get back into the space and hopefully back into the mood of regular yoga practice. I arrived at her studio, followed the instructions to go straight in and found a gorgeous space awaiting - candles lit, music on, my towel on the radiator. It was divine! And the massage was great though she found a sore spot in my neck and Saturday morning I woke up with a frozen neck on the left side :( Not sure if I headed it off at the pass or the massage brought it on.

Anyway, even though I had a few social commitments this weekend, I managed to do a lot of pottering round the house. I love weekends like that - no time pressure of having to be somewhere in a couple of hours, and all the time in the world to pick at tasks and jobs. With a proper amount of pottering time, I will eventually get to long overdue chores. This weekend I did that. Saturday, maelkann went off to play rugby and sort some things and I stayed at home and tidied up - did that whole collect and group clutter and then put things back in their place. I ended up sorting a heck of a lot of paperwork, went through by (oft) neglected mail and cleared large expanses of surfaces. I filed lots and through lots of crap out.

And then, instead of editing the particular next work on my to do list, I spent the weekend as publisher. I sorted sales, packaged up books and review copies, filed, entered invoices and expenses into the spreadsheets, sorted contracts, requested quotes, answered about 100 emails and even got up to date with all the finances. I can hardly believe being on top of all of that! Each publishing task is in itself small - something that takes maybe only a few minutes but each one is fiddly, something individual or requiring finding something, balancing something, sorting through something or just sitting down and compiling. So it was more about having a good stretch of time to systematically work through a huge pile of small, fiddly, detailed tasks. And now I feel great! 

Last night we went to the cabaret Downstairs at the Maj and saw a mash up performance of Beatles songs. I kinda loved it. I love hearing interpretations and reworkings of songs. And I tuned out a lot of the cabaret and just listened to the awesome song writing. Made my soul hum and reminded me why I love writing, art and music. We had dinner beforehand - we went with a bunch of work friends - and it was lovely to catch up with everyone.

This morning we all went out for my Dad's early breakfast celebrations. Was fun catching up with the family. And I LOVE the bowl of coffee I can order from that place. 

And then I did more pottering around the house. Culled a bunch of papers in my office. Did a ton more publisher tasks. Actually got all my finances up to date. And also went back to the monochrome quilt, took stock of what  I have and what blocks I still need to make. Possibly the point where I stalled and didn't get any further cause it required maths. For some reason today I had a very clear mind and was able to look at a bunch of detail type tasks. I feel pretty good finishing the weekend at this point. That's so damn rare for me too.

ball of yarn

Craft Photo Post Day 12

So I've had my eye on these ever since the alert arrived in my inbox:

Milk Chocolate Candy Bars.

Firstly this is TOTALLY the way to market to me. Those who remember my hand dyed sock yarn obsessions a few years back will know this already :)

I've had them bookmarked as a reward for something down the track with an idea of being for the charm quilt. I earned a prize today and went to purchase this only to find out that the rectangles are 2.5" by 5" and my template for the triangle is about 3 for the base and 3" bisector. But maybe a little but over the 3". So ... sadly for me, not for me.