August 8th, 2010


I had a weekend!

I am about to head off to a Swancon Committee meeting - these are always tempting even on a sunny, lazy sunday, because the catering is excellent and there is always laughs and exchange of cool things to read or watch or listen to and cause it's people by some of my favourite people.

I had a bit of a stressful week. We were in the final stages of final proofing which sends even the most calm people batty. By Friday I was really knackered but we had a work dinner for maelkann which involved him being dressed in (not white) dress uniform. Twitter, you done me wrong! I think I was incorrectly dressed - too much boobage! But maelkann suggested maybe rather I was just 20 years younger than the rest of the wives. His arse was saved by the stewards organising a vegetarian meal for me as we raced in as dinner was being called and he had forgotten to mention it sooner to them! It was an interesting evening. I'm still trying to see if I can fit into marrying into the navy. The wives are nice. The other thing is a lot of the people I have spoken to have done stints overseas and I do quite fancy that as an opportunity.

Saturday was a lazy day - throughout it Amanda was finalising files for Bleed and Sprawl and uploading them to the printers. And so ... I kinda took the day off. Went in the morning with my Mum to the quilting shop. My reward for finishing books! I got some more blanck and white for the monochrome quilt - I think I had stalled due to running out of some combinations (I drafted a mathematical formula of sorts for placing this quilt's pieces. Argh! ) I also got some borders for the Stitch Witches blocks as I have all the finished ones here. And I got a plain colour for my oriental lanterns quilt that I have been wanting to start.

And then I didn't really have to be anywhere doing anything so I talked jonathanstrahan into coming out for lunch with me - he had been trying to talk me into it the week before but I was deep in publishing hell. Was fun to catch up and talk at length about publishing minutiae without having to stop cause we're boring people around us. I decided the reason I won't be getting an ipad is cause it doesn't fit in my handbag. We talked about the Twelve Planets too - he has been very hands on behind the scenes with this project.

Saturday night I sewed! Yay! I got stcuk into sorting the diamonds for the monochromes and I also templated up the lanterns and started the first block! Photos later!

Now, off for some work for Swancon!