August 9th, 2010


Things of import

I've been very busy of late doing things and have been lax in reporting in here :)

We recorded Galactic Suburbia Episode 13 last week. We talked about the value of awards. And I think we mentioned we shall be at Worldcon! Yay!!

I figured out all the maths - mostly to do with postage options as this book is 342pp - and Sprawl is now available for preorder and/or pick up at Worldcon on the 1st.

I guest blogged over at Ecstatic Days with a post talking about well - 10 Important Things I've Learned about Indie Publishing.

Yesterday I went to the Swancon com meeting and was reminded of a few things - our membership rates rise after Worldcon. Currently prices are $185/$145 and payments can be made online via the website or find us at our table at Worldcon and try out our new shiny Eftpos machine or use cold hard cash, that's still always good. And Hyatt is offering Swancon members a special rate of $210/night. Email our minion Chris at: and he'll do the rest.



It's been a while since a boy was in my personal space a lot. I forgot about conversations like this one:

Me: OK, that's *yours* now
Him: Honey, if this action makes it mine, it's been mine for some time now
Me: *headshowerglass*


So when we won the Swancon 36 bid, I budgeted for 1 wedding and 3 babies. So far, 9 months still to go, we've had 2 engagements, 1 wedding and 2 babies. I suspect I will be spot on with the 3 babies call and that's ok as long as it's not 4. Cause 4? That last would likely be mine and ... I don't think I can make that work. :)


Other random stuff

I just watched QandA which I think will mark the most interesting, real and relevant part of this whole stupid campaign for me. Finally the questions we care about the answers to were asked. It was really interesting. Also interesting that words relating to tolerance and respect come out of the nonconforming politician - the nonChristian, non parent, non male candidate - in asking for a fair go. I found it most disturbing that a question from a clear Christian conservative was over whether Gillard could swear on the bible. Way to go with like tolerance (and showing your ignorance) not only for atheists but like any other person of faith whose book is not the Bible. So ... like, if you didn't know, for a very long time now, you haven't had to swear on the New Testament. And not swearing on the New Testament does not make you any less of a person or a person without integrity, and if you don't get that, then well now, that just ain't Christian.

And other than that, I've been watching a nice whack of TV lately.

I have worked my way through the first 4 seasons of The Wire. Wow. It was gripping. And engaging. And brilliant. And despairing.

On Saturday night I watched District 9. Yeah. I thought it got a bit tedious.

And I followed that with Shut Up and Sing about the Dixie Chicks which idling gave me a while ago. I think it was the right thing to follow District 9 with because with some distance to the whole incident - one of them stood on stage in the UK and, opposing the war said "We are embarrassed our President is from Texas". It got them the whole "you are against us" backlash from country music and middle america and got them banned from 250 radio stations. It ruined their fame and success as it was. But they didn't let it beat em, in fact they said "fuck you" and reinvented themselves and presented the band to a whole new audience. As a result of what they did and the way they handled it, I am now a fan of the Dixie Chicks and I have a copy of the album that came out of that whole experience for them. Which is to say, I found it uplifting and inspiring that if you don't give in or bow to pressure from your detractors, if you carry on with your head held high and hold true to your convictions (If USA was not fighting for democracy and free speech in Afghanistan and Iraq, then what was the point?) then the reward is - you are the person you can feel happy looking at in the mirror.

Now I am watching Weeds Season 5