August 11th, 2010


The election

I'm so bored of this election campaign. I love politics but I'm tuning out. I'm sick and tired of the first words out of a politician's mouth in answering a question are why the other guy is crap. That is not the answer to "what is your policy on" and in fact it makes me think you're either lying, don't have one or that this is "not a core promise".

I know how I'm voting. There aren't going to be any election promise $$ thrown at me - I'm not a working family, I don't have kids or a husband so I tend not to count when it comes to elections. I am though really amused that around my way the internet is a major and deal making/breaking policy issue. And of course, most of where I am hanging out to talk and interact about that is on Twitter, which most of the pollies don't understand (it's interactive dudes, don't throw bullshit marketing tweets at me).

When it comes down to it, for me, I guess I am voting on three main, core issues. And for me all are of equal importance:

- I want access to contraception, the morning after pill and abortions. I want respect and freedom to exercise my rights to use any or all of these without the Christian church poking their nose into my personal business. I want to be treated like a responsible and good person who, if can be trusted to be left alone to be responsible to raise children, can probably be considered responsible enough to make decisions about my own body.
- I want action on climate change.
- I WANT the fastest internet possible and, as an adult, I want the right to google whatever the fuck I want. I don't need the government to be my daddy. I already have a daddy and he lets me read whatever I want. Always has done. He raised me right. And I know information is power. If I have to learn how to hack around filters, I will.

I also believe in same sex marriage and think it should be legalised.
I think this country needs to face up to the real problems of water shortages, reliance on nonrenewable energy.
And I'd like to see a country that was less racist - and that can deal with issues from less racist stances.

You see that no party, big or small, actually will deliver all my top three priorities. Which is why I have lost interest in this election.

I have to say though that women's rights, kinda way up there. And I NEEEEEEEEEEED my internet.