August 17th, 2010


Getting on with it - conquering the Buffy dilemma

This year really seems to be a lot more about just getting on with things. I'm starting to be more ruthless and decision makery - tossing out stuff I don't need, deciding which borrowed books I'm not going to read or borrowed DVDs I'm not going to watch and returning them. Being more decisive about how I spend my time, more honest about how I want to spend it doing and getting on with doing what I want to actually do.

I've been wanting to rewatch the entire Buffy series for ages - Rachel, Ben and I were doing it over on the Shiny blog for a while but I really couldn't gain momentum. I really struggled through seasons 1 and 2, finding them not as strong as the later seasons and hard to mainline. And also, I think, I was procrastinating on a) getting to the eps I really want to review and analyse and b) rewatching The Body since I've only ever seen that episode once. I've also only ever seen the final season once.

Lately I've been working through my stash of DVDs - I bought a ton last JB HiFi sale and in saving money/stopping spending for a while, I've been working my way through the stack. Did Roswell. Did half of Dawsons Creek (I need to get Season 4 in order to finish that off). Did the first 4 seasons of The Wire (need to get Season 5). Did Dexter season 3. Weeds season 5. I kinda started the Vampire Diaries but haven't gotten into that yet. Also started Caprica. And now I'm getting close to the end of the stack - have a bunch of borrowed movies. And Wire in the Blood Season 1.

And really, it's time to do the Buffy watch. I've been meaning to for years. In fact I was given half of the set as a bday present the day before Beazely ran for Prime Minister. But now I am getting to the bottom of the pile and I *do* want to watch this again.

So tonight, I swore off politics til Saturday for vote counting and picked up where I left off - mid Season 3. And I'm quite interested in how long it took me to get back to what is likely my favourite show of all time. Why was it such a chore to rewatch it? And now, I'm kinda wishing I could start at the beginning again - I'm a completist and this feels not the right place to start and I do kinda wish I could follow some of the overarching story from the beginning again. But I don't think I could sit through the first 2 seasons again. Such a dilemma!

I watched Homecoming, Band Candy and Revelations tonight. And after such a chore dragging myself back, I think I can see myself mainlining it this week. I can be very annoying. I'm enjoying this and also somehow feel like I am working through something on my to do list. *shrug*

I do feel a bit guilty though about the watching of so much TV whilst doing other things. Being the completist that I am ... I feel like I should go back and watch properly some other time! Especially with The Wire cause I think I missed things. But lots of things don't really need full attention (and surely not Buffy when I can recite the lines!)


Kerry nails it.

Taken from the transcript from interview with Tony Abbott today - is it just me who finds Abbott talks too slowly? I get quite anxious listening to him that he doesn't quite know where his sentence is going. And if you read this ... well ...

KERRY O'BRIEN: But in what way have you changed. Are you saying you're more mature, more reliable and when did this change occur? When leadership was thrust upon you by a vote?

TONY ABBOTT: Kerry, I will - I'm not gonna pigeonhole myself. People like yourself are more than capable of passing judgment on me and I assume what you're saying to me is that you think I've grown in the job, and if that's what you're saying, I'm happy to accept the compliment.

KERRY O'BRIEN: What I'm intent on trying to do, Mr Abbott, is to cast light on your character, on the kind of Prime Minister you will be. And we have seen, we have seen comments in the past that have got you into trouble and you obviously have felt that you need to distance yourself from a number of things. Now, that's not just about growing and maturing, that's about being conscious that there are negatives that you need to take out of the minds of voters, isn't it?

TONY ABBOTT: Well, Kerry, as I said, I've put forward some very clear policies in this election campaign. Everything that I have been and done and said is all on the public record. You don't find out about my position on paid parental leave and on pension increases by Cabinet leaks. My position has always been upfront and on the record and I'll just let the people of Australia make their judgments.

KERRY O'BRIEN: Well, you talk about - I could say which position on paid parental leave. I'll just say to you - what about weathervane Tony, the man who once said, "Paid parental leave: over my dead body," the man who said in February this year "No new taxes" and one month later announced a new company tax to pay for paid parental leave. The man who supported his leader on emissions trading scheme then pulled the rug from under his leader and deposed him. What about the man who wrote a year ago he wanted to revisit workplace reforms a la WorkChoices, now says he won't ever, ever, ever again. Now those are - that is a string of contradictions and some of them in the very recent past.

TONY ABBOTT: Well, Kerry, look, I have been a very active participant in all of the debates of our time. On some issues, yes, I've changed my mind. On some issues, yes, I think I've grown and matured. On other issues, look, you've got to support your leader. You've got to try to make the leaders' life easier. And certainly, I tried to do that when I was supporting the former leader of our party.

KERRY O'BRIEN: But you did more than that. You actually argued - you argued for the Emissions Trading Scheme, you argued for your party to have an emissions trading scheme. And it was more than just supporting Malcolm Turnbull and you know that; it was in 'Battlelines'.

TONY ABBOTT: Well, Kerry, you can put whatever construction you like on that ...

KERRY O'BRIEN: But are you saying that's wrong?

TONY ABBOTT: The point I'm making is when Malcolm was the leader, I did my best to give him complete support. Circumstances changed pretty dramatically, obviously, in December last year, and I wanna pay tribute to Malcolm for the way he's dealt with all of that and the terrific team player that he's been over the last nine months. I'm now the leader, our policies are clear and as I keep saying, if you elect us, you know what you'll get: we'll end the waste, we'll pay back the debt, we'll stop the big, new taxes and we'll stop the boats.

TONY ABBOTT: And sitting in the background of this campaign is that smelly cat that emerged for you when we spoke back in May and you tried to excuse yourself for sometimes straying from the truth, that sometimes you speak the gospel truth and sometimes you don't. So how are voters supposed to know, now, in this campaign when you've been telling the gospel truth and when you haven't?

TONY ABBOTT: People can take all of the commitments that I have made extremely seriously. I will honour the commitments that I've made and I have been at pains in this election campaign only to make commitments which are prudent, responsible and deliverable.

KERRY O'BRIEN: And that's the gospel truth.


TV Shows

It only occurred to me today that there were two other TV series I could have chosen to watch last night that would have been productive. If I'd gotten stuck into Dark Angel, I could have ditched the video tapes. And I have Deadwood borrowed from call_s

Instead, today's Buffy episode is Lover's Walk. Hello Spike!