August 19th, 2010


Worldcon countdown

People around me have been very carefully tiptoeing around the countdown of days til Worldcon. Getting books to the printer by a particular day is an artform I'm still perfecting.

Things looked grim and tight and stressed for a while. But I have awesome printers who firstly wouldn't let my books go to print when they could see tweaks that needed to happen and then have managed to still get books to me by the date. I hope. I won't know til I get to Melbourne as the books are being sent straight there and that's a bit nailbiting.

Glitter Rose will arrive on Friday the 3rd but it's worth coming back to the dealers room if you do your rounds early, just to look at it.

So the stress of printing books by deadline is over. Too late now. I'm still working on pulling together what I'm sending from Perth though. Once that gets handed to the courier I think I can almost relax.

Now it's trying to work out what to pack and how to schedule things like meetings, dinners and table rosters. And maybe prep for panels.

But the thing is this: Aussiecon4 has been this big giant goalpost for pretty much the whole time I've been publishing. People talk about the Golden Age after the last worldcon in Australia which was before my time. But for me, worldcon has been this milestone after which I was to reassess the viability of Twelfth Planet Press. And now that's only 14 days away! It's surreal.

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