August 22nd, 2010


We voted yesterday and our voice resounded clearly: Neither thanks

I'm watching every piece of tv footage there is on the election results and counting.

And I'm sorta trying to counsel myself through the idea of an Abbott-led Liberal minority government because this could be where we're at. I'm sad we didn't get more than 3 years rest from being infuriated at the Federal Government.

But ... as I stepped up to be ticked off the electoral role yesterday, the AEC volunteer apologised for my wait and I replied with - Hey, there were no militia outside, no roadside bombs going off, it's always a pleasure to vote in Australia. And he and the woman next to him broke out into wide grins and carried on with what they were doing.

I love the Australian Electoral process. I love voting. I never ever take for granted being able to wait in line, be on the electoral role, be crossed off and handed my papers and then to exercise my right to voice my opinion, put it in the box and for it be counted and be equal to any other vote within. Voting and being heard is a precious gift and I love it.

And with all that has gone on, I'm focusing on these - this was the first election that a woman ran for Prime Minister. This was the first time a member of the Greens party won a seat in the House of Representatives. And the highest polling for Greens across the board with 12%. This was the first time an Indigenous Australian (may have) won a seat in the House of Representatives (and will do so for the Liberal Party). And this election saw the youngest person to win a seat in the House of Representatives - a 20 year old.

For all the negatives, those are some pretty awesome firsts.