August 29th, 2010


The puppy knows the T word

The puppy doesn't like it when maelkann gets up and leaves in the morning. Frankly I hate the earliness of the hour too. But we can't figure out whether it's that C is leaving or that the pack is not staying together. Anyway, he barks. He barks as C gets dressed and grabs his stuff and then he barks at the door and then back to me still in bed to let me know that C has left.

So C has been experimenting with how to stop the puppy barking at hell-early-o'clock-in-the-morning. I suggested a treat. It's a good diversion tactic and associates C leaving with a good thing. This morning I suspect the puppy got two treats, I know he got a final one cause he came in and crunched it right near my ear! But we had our first success with no barking in the morning at all whatsoever! Hooray!


ASif! reviews

Today we published our 915th review at ASif! and clicked over the 100 review mark at our new address:

915 reviews over 5 years is ... well it's a lot of reviews! I don't talk much about this project anymore, it just kinda ticks along in the background. Books are sent to us pretty much every day and I'm constantly collecting mail or sending out mail and reviews are submitted into my inbox at a steady pace.

I'd guess we've had maybe 60 or more reviewers over the last 5 years? And I've been lucky to have help behind the scenes at maintaining the website from electricant for a couple of years and then Mit helped the move to a wordpress site by setting the whole site up. And Tehani has recently been helping me get back up to date.

Managing ASif! has been an interesting learning experience. And the life of the project is owed to the reviewers who have written those 915 reviews. I can't believe how much they read with such enthusiasm and so consistently.

Here's to the 1000th review before the end of 2010 - and perhaps the next 1000 reviews?