September 4th, 2010



I sat down to start blogging about Worldcon but I'm not sure I'm entirely in a headspace to do that. Chances are many people bumping into me will think I am vague or bad at Maths (I'm not! I'm an engineer but Friday for some reason I lost my ability to add!). This is unlike any con I've ever been to. It's ... well we're not in Kansas anymore, Toto. I brought enough knitting to make two pairs of socks this con and have had time to knit two rows. The dealers room has been pumping both with people coming through to look at books and with people dropping in to say hi.

I'm having an enormously great time seeing everyone and getting to the panelling items I'm getting to. We recorded an episode of Galactic Suburbia which was really fun to do in the same room as Tansy and Alex. And we met John from Boxcutters!! He's lovely! And Rob Shearman is here and back in the gang! many awesome ideas are being thrown around which is lots of fun! There have been parties and awards ceremonies and there will be more. And I will talk more about all that later!

And this is totally what I saw as I headed off to one of my panels today:

The downsides:
My feet are killing me - to the point where I've been physically unable to make a few things just from the thought of having to walk there or having to stand. We're standing for most of the day at the table and it's unbelievably painful and I'm wearing my sneakers not even silly shoes. Though tonight, kaelajael gave me a very decadent foot bath and I reckon that will get me through the rest of this con. Without it and I'm not quite sure I would have been able to walk. The pain is getting distracting.

On top of this, I'm starting to realise that my Crohn's flares up at cons. I used to think it was drinking and pulled back on drinking at cons. I've hardly drunk this one and still have problems and the thought of drinking is too much to ... well... stomach. This time I have tried to go gluten free and that's helped me feel better in some ways, if that makes sense, but seems like the gluten was a compounding problem? And maybe it's dehydrating (if you see my friends constantly thrusting water on me its cause I dehydrate at cons - remind me to drink water) and today was slightly better than yesterday but I think I might start to have to admit it's just the disease as in, no matter what I do to try and control it, my Crohn's flares up at cons. And by the end of the day, I'm usually feeling pretty bad (pain and discomfort). And that's starting to impact on my wanting to go out to bars and party. Which is a bit sad.

But those are two small prices for what is a fantastic time! I'll do detailed posts after it's all done. Time seems to move so quickly at these things and you never get to do and see and meet everything/one you want.