September 15th, 2010


Buffy and Angel

I'm deep into my rewatching of Buffy and Angel - midseason 5 of Buffy and midseason 2 of Angel. I can't quite believe how engrossed I am in them after having putting off the rewatch for so long. On the other hand, it's quite a lot of television and even inhaling at 4 eps or so a day, it's taken a couple of weeks. I've stuck with watching them concurrently - one disc of one and then one disc of the other - because there are character developments of the vampires and their backstories that occur across the shows aside from the random crossovers of Buffy and Angel. Also I want to watch them in the same time/space for the aftermath of The Body.

Season 4 of Buffy largely left me underwhelmed. I found the Initiative a yawn. And I realised the other day that the disempowered the Big Bad of the season Professor Walsh and what might have been all poetic justice n all just kinda came off as the big bad male creature killing his mummy and running rampant. I was kinda sorry that Buffy never had to confront or deal with Walsh.

Really the first female Big Bad that gets a decent go is Glory in Season 5. And I'm half way through that season now. And enjoying it much more than 4. I guess its darker and more tortured for Buffy. Though life has picked up and moved on for the scoobs in general and in good ways. I never really liked Riley for Buffy. I used to not like him because he was boring and I thought love had to be all with the dramah but I didn't like him this time round because he is bland and also because as Buffy points out, he never really was ok with her being stronger than him. And he takes that to mean physically but she means in general as per her not needing to lean on him with her mother being ill, her being able to be weak in private and breakdown and then pick up and keep going on *because she has to*. He is so needing to be the hero that he could never just be her sidekick. And let her be the hero. And I think that's where for me Buffy and Angel work better - because he seems himself as the antihero trying to make good and thus has no problem with Buffy being stronger or better or whatever.

One thing I'm not clear on is - is Dawn's presence the cause of Buffy's mum's cancer?

I love the way they wrote in a sister for Buffy and how it works so well and so poignantly. And really was something/one that Buffy needed in the end. In some ways it was the final progression in her maturing - she goes from having a mother looking out for her to being the older sister who has to look after her sister.

As for Angel - I love the growth in characters, the addition of Gunn and the Cordie/Wesley repartee. I am enjoying watching Cordelia mature and grow into her own. And the redemption of Angel - and Faith. And the development of the vampires backstories which is a prequel in a way or prologue that is an example of being done well.