September 20th, 2010


Tired Now

I really thought I would finish the quilting block I am sewing for my Mum's month in the Stitch Witches tonight. I got one triangle sewn. Somehow it's suddenly half past eleven and I don't quite know how that happened.

Today I had a pretty pressing deadline at work - one of those that sucks up hours without you noticing. This was on something that made me quite angry to work on, I hate those projects. But then it was done and it's finished. I met my share of the deadline.

I also managed to pop out at lunchtime and make it to the bank which was good. I love running errands. They are compact - take this there, put this here, return such and such. And completing them tidies things up.

After work I went to my parents and loaded my car up with the leftover book stock from Worldcon which finally was delivered today. Thank goodness - I had no Glitter Rose copies on me at all and have been unable to fill those orders. It took a while, loading the car up and then unloading it at the other end. And I used kaelajael's system - she spent a lot of time on the last day organising this so I was not going to not conform! I only opened the boxes I needed :) And everything was exactly where the running sheet told me they'd be. Thanks T.

And so I spent the evening filling orders.

And then I did some more finalising of details for my trip to World Fantasy Con next month. I booked the puppy in for boarding and I organised by ESTA (Visa thing) for the US. Earlier today I bought the final airfare I needed - it's tricky getting to Columbus, Ohio. And now all I need to sort is my hotel rooms and I think I am done? Not overly sure how many books I will take with me. I might be more hanging in the bar and whatnot. Sorta both having an actual holiday and also, you know, chaaaaating. And stuff.