September 24th, 2010



Watching the first two eps of Season 6 of Buffy had me thinking about two things. Firstly, this time round I get how fucked up the bringing Buffy back thing really is. I think the last time round I just wanted the protagonist of the show back. But this time I get how selfish it was, of Willow, I guess. Buffy had made peace with the choice she made at the end of The Gift and in fact that was not a snap decision for her. She'd been coming to acceptance of her death for a lot of the season - as Spike said she would. And then she finally gets it - her gift to the world but also the gift for all her fighting. Peace. End. Rest. And then BAM she's back! And ... for what? To continue the endless good fight? In her words ... "is this hell?"

She has to fight her way out of her coffin. Like a vampire. After all those years of hanging around cemeteries to stake them, now she's on the other side. But also, for her, this rebirth via her coffin says so much about her own reentry to the world - snatched from heaven and sent back to the hellmouth.

And Willow honestly thought she would say, "Thanks" and be grateful. Such a stark contrast to how Buffy really feels and shows that no matter how much the Scoobies think they are in the fight, they don't really get it at all.

But the other thing I've been thinking about is Spike. He's such an interesting character and he takes such a rich and complex arc throughout the show. Watching him protect and care for Dawn after Buffy has died, I was struck by how sincere he must have been in the season before. And yet, can he really love? If the chip were removed, he would be a killer who couldn't be trusted. And yet too, the chip is deeply embedded in his head, and maybe part of him too now?

Mostly, he ends up part of the Scoobies because he has nothing better to do. He gets caught up in things because he is around. And Buffy is so busy telling him that he is nothing and she hates him - but why does she never just stake him? He's an evil vampire with no morals. What was her issue? Buffy seems incapable of being without a big strong man, even though she is always the strongest in the room. She had Angel and then Riley and then Spike. And when there was noone but Spike, she relied on him. Let him in. And he seems doomed towards tragic romance, I guess. In some ways, his journey is the most heartbreaking - ending up in redemption even though that was never what he was working towards.
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