September 29th, 2010


Ah publishing fandom wank

Thanks to Terri who pointed me to this little beauty over at Amazon where a Turkish woman reviews a fantasy novel set in, well not the Turkey she knows nor the one I visited. She points out all the factual errors that prevented her from enjoying the book due to the offensiveness of it and then the author and his sockpuppet and sockpuppet editor come past to disagree with her about her "opinions". It's awesome stuff - like you know, it's not important that the author gets the capital of Turkey wrong or in fact the ethnic identity of its population.

But it's worth reading all the comments and the discussion over at fandom wank just so that you can fully appreciate this comment by kylenne which made my day:

The only thing that's telling here is once again we have some white asshole with his ass flapping in the wind, a PoC pointing out the bare ass, and yet another white person playing 52 card pickup with the Derailing for Dummies deck rather than address the salient point that the ass is in fact naked. What the hell.

Good stuff.

I'll quote Wil Wheaton: Don't be a dick!


Weird shit

We've got some kind of weird mojo going on in Australia at the moment. Maybe it's a backlash to all those reality gameshows where we have to eliminate people and pick winners? Maybe we woke up and realised, like in primary school, everyone is a winner and everyone gets a prize?

Maybe we're just sick of picking. Maybe we're sick of picking between subpar choices?

Here's some examples:

Federal Election. Noone really won.

Aussie Hugos Novel category - tie with The City and the City and The Windup Girl. This one though was not about mediocre choices.

Aussie Rules Football Grand Final. A Tie. Third time in the 100+ history of the game. Subjecting the nation to another grand final this weekend. Yay I can shop without the hordes.

Australia's Next Top Model. Host mucks up the announcement so they both win? (The prize is only $25 000. I was quite shocked by how low that is).

I'm not sure now whether to bet on the Melbourne Cup or not.

ball of yarn

Completed block

Below the cut (cut for Fe who shall receive the block in the post in a day or two) is my September block for the Virtually Bequilted quilting bee. This now marks the end of the cycle. I've finished all my blocks for this project.

The challenge was - adventure. And I tried to meet this by adding fabric - I don't normally like adding fabric and I don't like added fabric to my blocks so that was tough to get around. And the geometry of this block nearly did my head in and I had to have two gos at getting the template right. Now that I've done it, I think it was really easy and I'd like to do one for my L'Amour quilt but this template is 12" and that project is 10" blocks and I'm not sure I want to try redrafting up the template again!

I'm very happy with how it turned out. I think in this year I have mastered getting points to ... well, point.

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Once More With Feeling

Well, I take back everything I said about this episode. It's still not my favourite episode - I still rate The Body and Hush as better. And probably a couple of other episodes too. I think for me, I'm a big fan of the musical genre and a big fan of ballads and big band and a lot of the songs in this episode don't work for me. I mean that the lyrics are clumsy in places and that throws me.

BUT! I love a lot of what they do in this episode. It does force a lot of secrets, fears and feelings out into the light and stirs a lot of things up. And it is very funny and clever in places. And great dancing!

Also ... I do love Spike in this episode. Gosh he's becoming quiet the romantic lead.

And then, the ending.

Now. I think I'm beginning to see why I only did this part of the journey once and why it's taken me so long to revisit it. And I think the rest of this is actually going to be personally very harrowing. I get Buffy a lot from here on out. I GET why she does what she does. I mean, I really get it. As in, I've been there and done similarly fucked up things for similarly fucked up/or really genuine reasons. I get the causing physical pain to FEEL something. ANYTHING. Feeling something means you're alive and if you're dead inside, then at least you can feel the pain on your skin and in your bones. I was in this kind of place when watching this show the first time round and I think I'm starting to really remember that.

On the flipside. I moved through that and in some ways am on the other side of that. And Buffy kind of does too. In the end. The journey is painful but it's worth it.

And so ... one more episode before bed for me.