October 5th, 2010


Today it didn't happen

Ordinarily, I really hate the excuse of life getting in the way of me working on Twelfth Planet Press. I pretty much will work every day no matter what - I'll at least try to get something done. I think the only day that I did nothing at all, as in not even answering emails was when I was ill on my birthday.

And that said, I did get some emails answered and sent today, reading on a submission progressed, quotes for a project that's in development, a big master list of tasks begun and some review copies sent out. But ... I didn't really get a chance to sit down this evening and get a couple of solid hours in.

No. I spent my evening in a traffic jam for an hour and a bit. Then I needed a cup of tea to recuperate at my mother's and I helped her to do something. Then I shopped for dinner and checked the PO Box. Came home and set off the alarm. Cooked dinner. Did not get to watch Glee as Foxtel IQ did not seem to record it. Tried to have a relaxing shower but a feisty puppy demanded to come in and then ... let's just say, yeah REAL puppy GROSSNess that needed a shower. And a pair of scissors. And then I had to clean the shower. And then strip the bed cause there were puppy prints on the doona. And then it was 9.30.

And this was on top of having been up between 2 am and 3am with a naughty puppy who would not go to bed.

So... life got in the way tonight and it will all need to be put off til tomorrow.

And all I have is, puppies are still less drama than having kids, huh.

And then I apologised to puppy for the getting angry and tough last night if his issue was a personal tidiness one. To which he lowered his head and came to give me a cuddle. I think he forgives me and we made up.