October 7th, 2010


Last Short Story Crew 2011

We're excited to announce the addition of Ian Mond mondyboy to the Not if You Were the Last Short Story on Earth team for 2011.

We've enjoyed his reviews of current science fiction and fantasy on his own blog for some time and are looking forward to his contribution to the reading load and critiquing of all the glorious short fiction to come in 2011.


Angel Season 3

Lots happened in this season but I'm not sure there's all that much I want to say about it.

Darla is back. And pregnant. And um ... hello? Vampires are dead. How does a vampire's penis get erect in the first place (thanks Mum who originally put that question in my head)? How do they have sex? How did they make a human child?

But lalalalala we'll suspend disbelief for Joss.

There are moments that I love Angel as a Dad and then Angel as a father who has lost his son and the retribution and vengeance that ultimately brings. A lovely closed circle in a way or further down the journey to redemption.

But then, I never really bonded with Connor so ... there's his showing up in the latter half of the season which just kinda gets in the way for me.

There's lots about this season that feels like it's still setting the show up. Lots of interesting interaction between various characters. Wesley's journey into the dark side. Or at least, his pulling away from the crew. Lorne leaving oddly.

And then so does Cordelia. I always hated the finale to this season. I thought they rushed the whole Angel/Cordelia love story. The reveal feels rushed in the second half of this episode and then for ultimately no pay off. And so too I thought her becoming part demon was robbed of depth and discovery. Oh? She's being worked through some tests to prove her worth? Huh. Why did we only find out 5 minutes from the end of the season? Also, I don't really buy the ascension to a higher plane thing. It doesn't fit with the storylines running through Buffy in parallel. Like, Buffy is brought back from Heaven and is forced to live on Earth and work in a fast food joint and continue her fight. But Cordelia has grown as a person and used her power for the good of others so she gets to be all aneglicified? Buffy has very clearly outgrown her role as the Slayer. I just watched the first episode of Season 7 and she is completely unfazed by the bad in the episode ... she fights it blah blah and Dawn asks her how she knew there was a talisman? And Buffy says, "There's always a talisman" and she says it so matter of factly. Almost but not quite tired. She's learned all there is to learn. And passed through all the tests - including death which ultimately is the final step for a Slayer. And yet Cordelia, after two years of visions, gets to ascend to a higher plane? I don't buy it.

That said. I do really love the full character arc that Cordelia has taken through Buffy and then Angel. I was watching her confess her love of Angel and trying to think what highschool Cordy would have thought of that? Or that he was Buffy's boyfriend. And yet she did grow and evolve into someone who very much could be Angel's partner in life. And he too grew as a ... vampire? ... through his relationship with her and in some ways, more so than when he was with Buffy. Maybe because Cordelia was never stuck being the ultimate hero. And because she needed to overcome her failings and did, she and Angel had more in common.

I liked the season. I didn't find it as fulfilling though as Season 6 of Buffy but it also wasn't as gruelling. I think it was much harder on initial viewing when you didn't know where the storyline was going to go.

And this is me not mentioning the Slayer wannabe of Tina from the L Word. Yo, slayers work on the side of GOOD.


It turns out I don't own Season 4 of Angel, oddly. So I will continue with Buffy Season 7. And see.


And the personal post

The last two hours are the first two hours I've had to myself all week. As in, they are my first break from running some kind of endurance marathon that the universe has been putting me through and everyone else seems to know I'm doing but me.

After the last post which was about Monday night, things have continued. Work has been full on. And then Tuesday night I got two hours sleep because my boy tossed and turned the whole night. I'm a light sleeper and every time I'd start to drop off, he'd toss and roll over and wake me up. By 3.30 I decided to get up and sleep in the other room. But that room was cold, even with blankets and light so I was up by 6am.

And then I walked through Wednesday like I was trying to swim through mud. I hate that feeling, where you know you're off your game, you feel slightly hung over and you want no real emergencies to happen cause your reflexes are so off. Of course things did keep getting thrown at me. I had an urgent deadline to meet and pages and pages of legalese to plow through to get there. And then I got a phonecall that my rest of the Glitter Rose copies were to be delivered at noon. So I took my lunchbreak to go and be there for the delivery, only to get a call that actually it would 3pm not noon. ARGH! Why do courier companies do that? So then I raced back to work and Mum sorted the delivery. On the way, I sorted out the Australia Post business (they changed the rules to do with overseas prepaid envelopes needing customs decs. but like didn't tell anyone, just started returning them to the sender) and I left my spare tyre to be replaced. After work, I headed back to Mum's and loaded all those boxes into my car. And dreamed of Twelfth Planet Press having warehousing space. Back to my place I began to unload all those boxes. While I was doing that I both broke a tooth (I was eating whilst unloading) and Benji shot off down the street. And I quit for the day.

I was even too tired to sew so I finished Season 3 of Angel and went to sleep before 10pm. I NEVER do that! But I had to be in the city and registered for a technical symposium by 8.30 this morning. And sat through that till ... well just over 2 hours ago when I finally sat down from like rushing since Sunday.

My lovely boyfriend is sorting dinner. And the dentist can't give me an emergency appt til next Weds. And I'm heading off to the US the following week and haven't finished organising everything I need for that. And haven't had time to do anything other than juggle balls being thrown at me all week.

And they say it's nearly the weekend?