October 9th, 2010


A completed quilting block

Here is my second block for the Stitch Witches quilting circle. Which is very bad of me as I already completed the third - blogged it a while ago.

This block, though, nearly did me in. All sorts of things about it went wrong and I fought with it the entire way. Even this photo is a bit blurry.

It's a Jinny Beyer pattern ... something to do with something about tulips. M had said that she was girly and liked flowers and things so I made her a block of flowers.

And that brings me up to date with all the sewing circle blocks I need to do. I quite like the needing to get a block done a month. (or two blocks) It's really kept me at least finishing one thing a month and also kept me in the craft. Though I do have some knitting I am supposed to be doing! My mum and I are throwing around some ideas for something new we might get stuck into. Stay tuned. She ordered a book!