October 15th, 2010


So, I'm going away

Wow, only three work days left before I am off. That kinda rushed round really quickly. I've been busy doing so many little things, I don't know why I get it into my head that I need to complete my longstanding to do lists before I go away. That's partly why this week has been insane. I also mark time, or count down to fun things, by marking all the bad/stressful things I have to do first. And today I finally took my car to get assessed after the hailstorm damage, so that I can reregister it. And that marked the final yuck thing I had to do. Which means OMG I am GOING TO AMERICA NEXT WEEK!

Yeah so that would mean packing. Packing is the next yuck thing I have to do before I fly. Plus there is flying. To America. In which I will get uncomfortable and bored and then it will be still something like 16 hours to go.

So in order, I think, to procrastinate on packing, or thinking about which books I'm going to really want to read when annoyed and whatnot, I suddenly got it into my head that I wanted to sew up all the triangles for the charm quilt before I go. Yeah. A project. With a deadline. Probably means I won't read so I can pack those books now!

I'll take photos over the next coupla days if I actually stick with this.

Meanwhile, does anyone know if I can knit on international flights? There was no problem doing it domestically coming back from Worldcon.

OMG just realised I need to load up my ipod too!