October 16th, 2010


Another lovely weekend

I always wanted to be with someone who I could just hang out and do the boring chores with. And so now, being with maelkann and wandering around the Galleria on a Saturday and choosing toothpaste mid conversation, makes me really happy.

I had a week. I had a week and a half. It was the kinda week where phrases like "chickens coming home to roost" suddenly make a lot more sense. Sunday night, I had a bit (lot) of personal drama which wiped out Sunday night and then most of Monday. In the midst of that, my dentist FINALLY had a cancellation and I figured, why not be in physical pain as well. I rushed over there to find out the tooth I wanted him to look at was nothing, as was the tooth that had broken off. Oh no, it turned out that my mouth is in major trouble, with two root canals and some other stuff. I ended up with a temporary filling on the broken tooth, prep and a temporary cover on one root canal, given a multitude of pastes and mousses and gum to take away and another appointment to do it all again on the other side. It turns out your mouth is not supposed to hurt all the damn time. Who knew? And of course now that some point sources of pain have been removed, I no longer have a sore mouth, I have heightened and noticeable other point source of intense pain. On the upside, I think the new tooth sensitive tooth paste is helping.

So that was Monday. Monday night had emotional exhaustion filled frumpage. Also a counselling session in which I suddenly realised how sad I would be if I never had children. This whole time its been about the timeframe in which i have left to make the choice has been closing but I never really thought about what it would be like to not have been able to make the choice myself. It left me contemplating how fucked up feminism is. And the bullshit idea of Superwoman. And the fact that you can't "have it all" - you can't have it all at once and what you actually are lucky to get is the choice to choose which bits you really want. And other existential thoughts that wore my brain out.

Tuesday I messed up my GP appointment, arriving an hour early. Gah! I ended up running errands - replacing my spare tyre and some postal stuff - and then did all the GP things I needed to get done before the trip. Tuesday night we had the first Swancon Programming meeting. And I've had my head buried in all things swancon programming for a while now.

Wednesday I found myself working my arse off to meet some work deadlines and then trying to work my literal arse off in the gym for the first time since A left our team. Ugh. And then we recorded Galactic Suburbia.

Thursday I headed in to Curtin and gave a guest lecture for neleh13 which was lovely to see and catch up with her before and after. The lecture went fine, for all my stressing beforehand about needing to prepare and not. She's sent me the ability to listen to it, which I haven't quite worked my way up to doing. I could help myself cause of the blank, asleep expressions of the boys in the room, I mentioned menstruating like 3 times in the lecture but I don't think they were listening since they didn't even blink. neleh13 and I caught up with my uncle for lunch afterwards before I headed back into work.

Friday I finally got my car assessed in order to reregister it after the hail damage. It took me this long to get the car sorted and to figure out how to get it done. And it took 30 mins - maybe 45. I rocked up at 9am (which hurt), gave em my keys, sat in the waiting room and drank coffee and read some slush on my iphone and then it was done. Painless. Completely painless. And then headed into work.

And came home to find maelkann had planned dinner for Friday and Saturday and had shopped and then cooked - two vegetarian, gluten free, delicious meals. Heaven. I nearly cried.

It was a week. But ... chattering for two hours nonstop whilst we did mindless Saturday chores and had lunch - utterly the sweetest part of my week