October 17th, 2010

ball of yarn

The charm quilt progress

I'm quite good at productive procrastination. Twelfth Planet Press being case in point.

Here are the completed charm hexagons from the weekend so far. The hardest bit turns out to be grouping six fabrics together. And I had several charm packs of fabric sets that I'd been eyeing off and was maybe scared to sit down and make the final decisions. Course sometimes there are no right decisions, only different ones, and this is a charm quilt after all, it's supposed to look garish.

These are from The Fat Quarter Shop and are the lines "Pure" and "Botany".

And as for packing, I'm still trying to conceive of it being cold. I've chosen one sweater, and washed a woollen jacket, jumper and socks. I've also done a toiletry shop. And decided which books in hard copy I'm taking with me - two for fun, and two Aurealis judging novels.

ball of yarn

The charm quilt procrastination

Here's today's haul of finished hexagons for the charm quilt:

Nine to add to yesterday's 6. And a few more in partial construction.

I have discovered though that part of this is about letting go of my colour hangups. Perfect matches do not always make the most dynamic hexagons and looking at the completed quilt so far, I'm thinking it looks flat and that maybe that's one reason why. I'm currently debating unpicking all the hexagons I've sewn together and starting over. Though just now I threw some of the new finished pieces on top of some of the already sewn in ... and I'm not convinced it's better. This could be a lesson in making decisions and sticking with them.

i did pull out all the triangles I've precut - wow, a lot! And tried to pull out some more combinations to sew. I suspect the making of matches, or struggling to do so, is why this project has stagnated.

Here's what happened - this is what constitutes "helping" in this house:

I think I might have to find a spot in the house where I can lay all the pieces out and just walk past and fiddle with matches over time. It's a long term project and its ok if some of the pieces don't work in the short term. Yesterday I found a random piece to complete a new five set  I had. But this project would move faster if I let go of perfection hang ups. Sometimes, "finished" can be more enjoyable than waiting for the unattainable "perfect".

In other news, I've mainlined a LOT of Dawson's Creek, got stuck in a traffic jam on the way down to see maelkann, caught up with editormum who loaned me her ereader all loaded up with some LSS 2011 reading and some TPP slush reading, emptied my suitcase and carry on still sort of packed from Worldcon and started sort of packing -ish