October 19th, 2010


Packed and leaving on a jet plane ...

but not til late tomorrow night.

I hate packing. I mean, I really hate packing. Normally I leave it to the last minute cause I hate packing so much. This time, I started a little bit earlier and have been subjecting those who follow me on Twitter to the slow agonising progress. Except actually if you start earlier, you can be finished earlier and leave yourself time to remember and add things. Huh, who knew? And also do the things you always wish you did but never leave yourself - myself - enough time to do. Like back up the laptop, load a bunch of new stuff onto the ipod, borrow and load up a bunch of ecopies onto an ereader. That kinda thing.

So tomorrow night, I'm heading off to a couple of US cons. I'm hoping to have internet access but we'll see how we go.

Be good or if you can't be good, be good at it!