October 20th, 2010


Final throes of packing

I'm sort of nearly ready. I've cleaned out the fridge, have washed the clothes that I haven't packed and need to wear on the plane. I've been catching up on my emails - my inbox really is currently at 15 emails. I've almost signed off on a book but have paid the printer so that it can happen whilst I'm away. I'm tidying up the house so that it looks uplifting and cheerful when I get back. There is something really happy making about filing papers and having clean countertops.

I think though that I might have gotten addicted to podcasts. When I was updating my ipod the other night, I realised I only had 6 episodes in itunes to catch up on. I am actually on top of podcasts, which I can hardly believe. I never used to have time to listen to podcasts at all and now I'm constantly looking for more shows to listen to. Anyway, 6 episodes or a couple of hours was not going to cut it for my trip so I had to find a bunch of new shows to audition. That was fun and I'm glad I gave myself the time to do it. I even found a podcast for exercising - talking you through the couch to 5 k plan. I have uploaded all sorts of things and will see what I like on the plane trip. I couldn't wait though, and I tried one out on the way into work this morning - one on life skills. I'd only downloaded episodes I thought I might be interested in so the first ep was episode 2. I liked it so much, I've gone back and downloaded the first and a couple more as well.

Anyway, I'm off to Capclave tonight and am so excited! It's on this weekend, with World Fantasy Con next weekend so perfectly dovetailed to make the trip over worth the money for time. As I was checking out Capclave, deciding whether I'd go, the more I read up on it, the more I knew it's the con for me - the Guests of Honour are Ann and Jeff Vandermeer and Connie Willis.
Capclave is a small relaxed literary convention with a program that usually focuses on the short fiction form. Our Guests of Honor and other notable authors, editors, artists, and fans of the short fiction form will explore the creation and enjoyment of short fantasy and science fiction genre stories.
Too much fun! I can't wait!!!