October 27th, 2010


Windy out of Chicago

Well I am arrived in Columbus Ohio and ensconced in my room. I have internet (that I am paying for, not sure if that means I will be on it more or less) and really crappy coffee. I thought I would be smart and bring my own sachets of Nescafe frappuccinos with me but ... totally forgot that Americans don't drink tea thus don't have kettles in the rooms. Also no bar fridges. Grr. Also this coffee machine is extra bad on the environmental scale - the coffee bag comes in a plastic tray that you insert into the machine instead of reusing the tray and popping the coffee bag in it.

One of the fun things about WFC is it happens at Halloween so that's always neat. When I arrived at Southwest Airlines in Dulles, they had really corny decorations on their check in desks. It amused me. Dulles is a huge airport. Southwest Airlines is ... well ... I guess it's at the lower end of the market? I dunno. But they have open seating, you can sit wherever you want which I thought was cool when flying DC to Chicago cause I was in A group. Less cool from Chicago to Columbus since I was in B group and thus had to pick from remaining seats. I ended up sitting next to a lovely older couple who looked after me, I'm such a sook.

Chicago was clear but quite windy landing and taking off. I didn't much care for it and have to do it twice again on Monday. And, so, I flew 1 hr 45 mins to Chicago and then 1 hr back in the direction that I had come to hit Columbus. If I'm reading the map right. Neither were painful flights but I'm very aware of having to do them in reverse on Monday followed by DC to LA to Brisbane to Perth. I had a moment of panic about an hour ago and considered upgrading my LA to Brisbane flight. I'm sure it will be ok but all that sitting!!!

Meanwhile I read half an anthology (currently embargoed) and a good chunk of a Lois McMaster Bujold (my first). And on the other flight I listened to a couple of podcasts - more of the Self Help kinda stuff. I'm inhaling like 40 episodes and then condensing it all down into a new work-life balance lifestyle for when I get home. Stay tuned but I have to make some changes in the way I balance my life and work both to make my work (TPP) more efficient and to make sure I get to the things I actually also want to do in my downtime. It's gonna mean taking on some extra help I think, at TPP, which, you know, I have to pry out of my tightly clenched hands.

Other than that, I don't think I have very much of interest to report in. I bounced round inside the hotel yesterday. Ate meals as preordained as the the appropriate time. Read. Watched TV. Tried to relax. I felt pretty rotten. I haven't had jetlag as such but I haven't actually been able to sleep a full night nor at the appropriate hours. I took myself down to the bar for dinner and had a cosmo with dinner to get the working traveller's experience. Yeah, just needed to do that the one time, and now it's done (Hollywood cliche). Then I went back upstairs and watched Glee and then some TERRIBLE new show with - get this - Liz from Roswell and Jack from Dawson's Creek as the PARENTS - I couldn't watch it. Liz was wearing RIDICULOUS shoes. Instead I went to sleep at like 10 past 9. As I said, my sleeping is all out of whack. I was woken at either midnight or 2.15 by the hotel staff sliding my bill under the door and then couldn't really get back to sleep properly. Up at 7 and off to the flying, as above.

I seem to be reading, you've noticed :) I hate the fact that the reason I am able to read is because I am doing nothing else. I'm keeping up with emails but not working. And I hate that that means my ability to read is lost the more fragmented my mind gets or the more I try and multitask. Something to think harder about.

Jonathan should be arriving soon and then I shall be off to meet him for dinner. I'm definitely looking forward to seeing him. And the bit of home that he kinda represents.

NEWS JUST IN: Just remembered I am an engineer and we invent things. Figured out how to get hot water from the coffee machine. Cough